Most eccentric bike of the pro peleton

Actually this year they will have no bio-passport testing (again). Last year was a SNAFU between USADA and WADA IIRC.

I believe this is an issue as it reduces the data available for comparison/reference for later.

Agreed, this is a GIANT crock. What good is the passport system designed to pick up minute variations in blood values when you allow complete holes in the data history.

in this thread: non-pro cyclists who want to look pro are perplexed by choices of pro-cyclist whose choices differ from that of most other pro-cyclists.

Amgen is a pretty big producer of EPO isn’t it?
I find that rather funny.


Also, the always excellent Cycling Inquisition has broken the latest PRO habit: pee stains on your bibs.

Close: non-pro cyclist wonders why this article was written. (spoiler: in this scenario, I’m the NPC)

This is what confuses me though too.

i had a bit of dribble on mine the other night.

If you flat a tub out on the road, you tear it off, take out your preglued and carefully folded spare and fit it to the rim. Inflate, ride home without cornering super aggresively. Then remove and reglue properly.

This is how I rode my track bike to the shop to buy glue.

Pre-race I once had to shit really badly but didn’t have time and was wearing a skinsuit, so I just did a quick piss and inadvertently left some in the chamber. Made a right mess and was cold in the wind. No good.