Motorcycle crashes into cyclist

Holy crap! Bike looks mangled, luckily the cyclist was wearing a helmet.


Fucked up

Fuck me. Maybe that motorcyclist should get a transparent visor…

That moto rider has to be the dumbest piece of shit in the world.

i’ve been trying to figure out how he managed to run so wide on a corner that he doesn’t seem to be going that fast around.

the only thing i can see is that he either hits a bump or slippery spot and it unsettles the bike slightly (little wiggle at 3s), but no way would’ve i have thought he’d run so wide like that. he even accelerates just before he grabs the brakes, like he doesn’t know what to do!!

i reckon he just shat himself and got target fixation.

pretty horrible

Looks like it. He should’ve given it more throttle - he had plenty of room to pass.

its not like he’s on the wrong side of the road though.

yeah… what u mean?

if that cyclist hadn’t been there or if there’d been a wall or a ditch, he would’ve run wide & hit that instead. you can run wide on a corner even when you’re in your own lane.

i just thought you mighta forgot about the american right hand lane dealio. it looks more like the motorcyclist was gunning for the cyclists rather than any kind of poor cornering ability. hope the cops booked him.

I reckon he was too busy looking at the chick with her pants halfway down her arse…

nah, I knew he was in the right spot on the road, that’s what I meant about him maybe hitting a tiny bump, the bike becomes unsettled, and instead of leaning over further or trailing the rear brake, he kinda panics, is in two minds about braking (which would actually cause the bike to stand up & go straight on, which would be bad for the motorcyclist) or accelerating. I’d guess the cyclists weren’t immediately obvious to him as he was already running wide.

poor bastards on the bikes were unlucky.

I’d say inexperience more than being a piece of shit.

I hope he was booked too, but I don’t think he was exactly hammering along, maybe just quicker than his experience allowed.

do you ride motor-cycles?

very funny.

if I could afford/justify another one I’d buy one in a second.

just sell ten of your fake hillmans.

no way, my fake hillman is way nicer than my real one.


And a lack of training. So much of motorcycle dynamics is counter-intuitive I think, so training is essential.

I think he wasn’t paying enough attention, the bikes came into view suddenly, he panicked, gave it some brakes which makes the bike stand up and go wide.

Looks like Mulholland Drive? Happens all the time there if youtube is anything to go by.

to be extra funny you should have written ‘moto’

still good lols.

sick firefly though

Target Fixation

Yep. It’s a hard habit to break.