Mountain bike backflip over a 72 ft canyon gap [Redbull]


Pretty raad

fuckkkkkkk my heart was going watching this

lucky, otherwise you’d be dead!

Cam Zink’s is better imo…though both are insane


Thank fug they got rid of the english commentator from the last red bull rampage. I’ll take the spaced out sounding americans anytime.

Yup stoked for my compatriot McGazza. That was massive.

Gotta say while it was not a technical trick, Mitch Chubey’s riding impressed me the most. Him hitting Gee’s gap with nob rakes… dude, faaaark. Super flowy riding too.

Red Bull Rampage 2013: Chubey Lands Gee’s Gap | Red Bull Bike
(sorry cant seem to embed Redbull vids)