Movember Decision

It took some time, but I have cultivated a nice beard, ready to carve out some ridiculas ‘mo’. Need ideas and suggestions, photo will be taken from the TRACK next Tue night (28th Nov)…

“Walrus” style like the guy on Myth Busters.

I kind of think you are the Hercule Poirot type myself Rhino.

Classic handlebar moustache, matching the bars on your bike. (Track drop 'stache?)

Go for the Double Mo -
Big Handle Bar and shave a Mo(hawk)into your head -
Do a Mr T impersonation.

Then get some massive Gold Bling Bling chains for your neck.

You might need to make sure you have a really good tan first

make it a triple: carve some handlebars in your monstache!

These are all brilliant ideas…but, the old ‘uncle chop-chop’ is where it might end up.

It’s a good look if you have the correct sunnies for it

Mate, I am the aviator king. Chrome, Gold, Silver, Mirror finish, and even the yello lens ones…

I kind of think this style is more your style.

TR…bringing photos out from your ‘quiet time’ collection hey…you scare me.

While I was looking through my collection I came across this:

Shit TR…too funny…I will try and ‘copy’ that photo next week…

And that my friend, is why I do not grow moustache’s.
That and the fact that I never know what colour the facial hair will be when it arrives.

Is it like a hypercolour tshirt?? A rule unto its own?

i want to ride my BICYCLE!@
I want to ride my biiiiiike!
i want to ride my biCYCLE!!
i want to ride it where i liiiiiikee…

does anyone else remember the video to that song? mmm

Ah yes.
It is all coming together nicely now.