Well its that time of the year again where moustaches take over the general population. Whos doing it this year?

I’ve joined a team at work and will be trying my hardest to actually raise funds for mens health, those who know me will probably know that my moustache will be an epic fail (rove mcmanus anyone?), but its the effort that counts right?

Heres my day 1 pic: Cleanly shaved and ready to grow.

My goal this month is to raise $200 bucks, if you’d like to donate for a good cause visit my mospace. Every cent will be greatly appreciated. =)

Anyway, this thread ain’t about me, but Movember. Post a pic of your Mo… and link us your mospace!

Yeah I’ve got a ‘team’ going at work…at the moment we have three members…including me.

Took last year off so I’m keen to get the mo on.

I did a bit of promo at work and got people to pledge an amount if one particular member of staff grows a mo - he’s probably the most unlikeliest dude to get involved in Movember - so we have over $500 pledged if to pressure him into participating, he has to make a decision this Wednesday.

My family had its first direct contact with cancer this year, so I’m extra keen to raise some money. If anyone would like to donate to a good cause please PM me and I’ll send you the details.

Yeah I’m doing it. Aiming for a Tom Selleck this year:

i’m cheating as i do every year, i jus shaved off my beard yesterday so im rockking a fully grown mo already, its been exactly a year since i was sideburns less and like every movember i have massive tan lines on my face from where they where…
and yes i too am rocking a tom selleck tihs yeah, but on my thin ass frame i look more like a crack addicted russian from the gulags, my bad tats dont help much either

shaved last night fresh for today.

Grew a sweet mo last year, and the year before i woke up drunk halfway thru the month and shaved it off without realising.

Itll be mexican druglord styles again this year. love it. I jsut do it for fun lol

As a little bit of extra motivation for people to get in on this, Grill’d are doin their free burgers for mo-bros promo again.

this means if you have registered for movember, have raised $40 or more, and can prove this at Grill’d, you are entitled to free burgers between the 9th and 18th of this month (not 100% sure on dates, but it’s close)

so get on board, it doesn’t matter if you only do it for free burgers, if the money goes to a good cause it’s worth it

*this poster has no affiliation with Grill’d, just trying to spread the word

I am totally recovering from Depression, and as such have vowed my support of Movember this year
as Movember also brings attention to ‘Depression’… my aim was to ride from the Big Banana at Coffs Harbour to Melbourne… with a solid Disc wheel with a banana painted on it… as a way to battle my own experiences with depression… but i dont have enough money to get to coffs harbour…

Movember Australia - Home

i love how thats gone from getting a free burger if you have a mo at all, to needing to register and have a card, to needing to register and only between certain times, to needing money and only a few days etc.

they must have given away a shit load of burgers early on.

Movember Day 2:

Zero visible growth (unless you rip out a microscope)… Click to donate :slight_smile:

If you’re gonna do it, do it right

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Bad news. We have a media shoot tomorrow and my boss asked very kindly if I would mind shaving off my 3 day growth. I agreed so will have to start afresh from tomorrow. Given that 24 hours of growth on me is equivalent to what most of the other boys around here do in a week I don’t think it will place me at that much of a disadvantage though :wink:

I have an exec meeting next week, and a conferance in 2 or 3 lol i dont think my colleagues are going to take me very seriously!!!