Movies I want to watch.

  1. Peloton. I saw the trailer a few weeks ago and thought it was a spoof. BUT IT’S NOT!!
    Pictures & Photos from Peloton - IMDb


  1. The 1992 miniseries starring Cameron Daddo about Major Taylor’s racing in Australia Tracks of Glory
    Tracks of Glory (TV mini-series 1992) - IMDb


(If you’re in BNE, you should go to this btw: History of Major Taylor in Australia | Biking Brisbane)

I predict both will be inaccurate and cringeworthy, but can’t wait to view.

Haha peloton looks totally cringe worthy but I wana see it too… Wonder if the hot redheads acting improves over the duration?

That’s not a film, it’s a long product placement for Specialized.

Looks fucking, horrific too! The UCI should make Contador sit through it as part of his punishment.

Omg you forgot premium rush!

Thread is called ‘films I want to watch’, not ‘films I will watch’, that one has Premium Rush & Empire in it.

The guy on the righthand side of Tracks of Glory looks like you Blakey!

OMG Blakey is Cameron Daddo.

Pop quiz: What do Tracks of Glory and Quicksilver have in common?

I want to say Kevin Bacon…

They both used singlespeed bikes posing as fixed.

Your prize is to deliver a VHS copy of Tracks of Glory to me.

No can do, but i do have a original VHS (yellow padded cover) of RAD somewhere.

and a dvd version :wink:

excited for this:‘cliffy’/

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