Moving Servers


we’re having the current web server moved over to another machine, so because the forum is constantly being updated, there may be some strangeness happening. for example, a post could be up, and then it could disappear, as the post may have been created right in the moment between the servers switching over.

if you notice any abnormalities, can you let me know, so that i can sync the forums back up in order to eliminate losing any data?

thanks! nick

after a bumpy f*cking ride we’re back up.

if it isn’t phishing attacks, going over bandwidth & being locked out of the new server, it’s something else…

anyway, sorry all


Must be a shit hosting provider :wink:

I didn’t realise before the downtime that I actually read the site every day!

i totally agree!

everybody is hooked, i need 99.999999999% uptime!


Log on, Log in.

What ever. Its a necessary part of my day before any work gets near getting started.

And again and again and again during the day.

hmmmmmmmmmmm. why??