Moving to Brisbane From Philly

Hey everyone.

Im moving to Brisbane from Philly. Im glad i came across this site. My name is Robin, i ride a '87 fuji track frame as a daily bike, gotta pretty sweet road bike and mountain bike, I also co-own about six other bikes. forget about it, it’ll all come into pictures soon enough. looking forward to meeting some fellow bike enthusiasts, whats up everybody.

Im also looking for some guidance as to places to live, eat, breath, everything. if you like it and recommend it, post it.

First stop in town should be GEAR.

The shop serves as the main meeting point for the majority of the Brisbane fixed scene.

Come down and introduce yourself, we are a friendly bunch and won’t touch you until you give us permission.

Do you play polo?

ahhh shhiiiiiiiit.

I assume philly = Philadelphia? if that’s correct I warmly welcome token American number 2!

when do you arrive?

for eats, do you have any diet aspects? ie. carnivore/herbivore/omnivore/cannibal etc?

yes philadelphia. i didnt even realize i said Philly and assumed everyone knew what that meant.

Gear meaning coasting? i thought so so im only moving with 3-4 bikes. polo? i love polo so much i play in my dreams. food? omnivore please. as for arrival, my funds tell me january, so i still got sometime. meanwhile work work work…

the shop? do you only have one?

Fuck yeah.

Only one good one - hit the link

do you by any chance know CJ ??

el brado, i wont be bringing my mallets to Australia (my housemates need them to continue the weekly pick-up games we have) so later on when i get there will you let me know where the good hardware stores with pipes and the works is located.

That shop is pretty nice, clean. is it a full service shop too? who/were are the bike mechanics? im asking this because i will need a job. (mechanic here)
this is my main bike.

these are my and my housemates bikes. messy living room but we’ve cleaned up since then.

hahaha, prolly II i have a feeling we know the same CJ. crucifixed?

Gear Brisbane is a one man army run by erik. He’s the retail sales chick, check out chick, janitor and bike mechanic all in one :slight_smile:

BUT dont worry, if your pretty skilled on the tools we should be able to send you in the right direction of a good bike store to get work.

To live. look for places in West End.

I like the bike - those cranks look crazy long.

Ski poles are a bit hard to come by in Australia (it’s all dirt), so if you have room you might want to throw some in - otherwise we have heaps enough gear to share around.

As for bike shops there are heaps - most need a good mechanic too.

You dont need mallets. There are heaps here and can point you in the direction of ski poles.

My first thought as well!

know CJ or Garrison? Bring those kids over with you!!

Hahaha how do you guys know Cj and garrison? were you in Chicago or Toronto?

anyone have a tall bike?

We were just talking about this today. Going to attempt to make one when i get back from Europe in october…

sweet, i cant wait to build another in Brisbane. Im heading to Europe myself in two weeks.

Cj and a mate of his spent some time here last year, its actually about a year since they left for home. Really awesome dudes, I really hope cj can make it back out here some time soon.

Hahaha this isnt the right cj or garrison. yeah i guess we’ve got a good number of bike people here in Philly.

are these rules actually enforced?

see this, lol,7159.75.html

but really only thing you HAVE to have is a helmet, and obviously lights at night which is a no brainer anyways( lol see what i did there).

no offence and this isnt aimed at you, just something iv picked up from reading a few forums… iv never really understood why some americans whinge soo much about having to wear a helmet?? i mean fuck, if im going down id rather have a helmet between my head and the road than nothing.

helmets stifle freedom.

haha only kidding, here in philly helmets are required when youre 12 and younger, otherwise its up to you. same rule applies for motorcycles. so i guess from my stand point, if im riding a beater bike or a cruiser to go buy cigarettes two blocks away id much rather not think of having to prepare for the ride (helmet or lights). But hey, what can i say, reason escapes Americans.