Moving to Brisbane.

Sup peeps. In November I will be a Brisbane resident again after a 7 year absence. I will be living at Enoggera at this stage. Last time I lived in Brisbane I only ever rode skateparks, what is it like on the roads - if you take up a whole lane of a dual carriageway is this accepted? Hopefully, because that’s how I roll :frowning:

Does anyone on here live around Enoggera? Looking forward to meeting and riding with all of you guys/girls.

This is fucked.

Not many are out that way that i can think of but Goose is out a bit further,
He races a bit at nundah crits or down at Murrarie.
If theres a bunch taking a lane is common in a dual lane,
But on your own will probably push it.
It’s all about planing your route and what time your riding, most rides on the weekend are quite, mid week can be a shit fight, but out Ennogra you could go west id say and avoid a lot of it.
Give us all a yell when you’re up and we will have a big bbq or ride to meet every one

aww man / dolan pls.

Yeh I am super bummed about leaving my Sydney folks behind, don’t worry bout that.
Cheers Dayne, I will be heading to Chandler with my bro-in-law Dan when he gets off #dadlife. And will probably join a club to go for group rides etc.

Ah that’s right I know Dan,
He’s made some chainrings for a few boys on here.
Caught up with him at pushies galore.

Missing you already. We’ll have to have to have a fair well before you leave!

If we start planning the fair now, it will be ready well before he leaves.