Moving to Melbourne! CX and MTB questions

Sooo I am moving to Melbourne in May from Vancouver Canada, and I am wondering if anyone could help me out with some suggestions on where to ride and what bike shops are worth while.

I will be bringing my mountain bike (Santa Cruz Blur LT) and my new cross bike (Soma Double Cross). Have not got a place to live yet but plan on being in a one of the inner suburbs… I will have a car as well so getting out a bit further is no issue.

do you know nikcee?

This sounds like a job for Nikcee.

edit: beaten by rolly…

Back in Van II, return of the Van!

Call by Commuter Cycles on a Friday afternoon at 530pm, bring beer/gingerbeer/chips and you’ll very quickly get all the info on the Wednesday night MTB ride, weekend MTB/CX exploits on the Yarra Trails and further afield, and details on CX & MTB racing in Melbourne.

Do you have a Mighty Riders affiliation?

guyssss… I dont know everyone from Van!

just most of the kind of people that would post on here living there.

what blakey said though… commuter cycles on a friday is a good a time as any for people (ie me) to bend your ear about getting dirty.

what was your local shop in van?

Don’t know nickcee… but the guys at Mighty Riders (where i just got my cross bike) were telling me about him and how I need to do the races he organises. Hoping my bikes get there in time to do the Prologue for Dirty Deeds!

Summary of thread so far: Vancouver person asks about CX/MTB in Melbs. Everyone assumes they know Nikcee. Nikcee is famous and OP knows all about him already.

Conclusion: everyone in Vancouver knows Nikcee.

I mostly ride MTB here in van, so my shops were either Cove or Steed in North Van (worked for Steed very briefly)… But I have had some dealings with Jamie at Superchampion (any time i need something for my fixed or road bike) and Ed at Mighty Riders.

join saint lloyd cycle team

Seeing as you’ve got a fairly long travel bike I’d say you’d be interested in more downhill orientated trails… You Yangs is the closest to town (about a 1hr drive from Melbourne) for that sort of caper. But as others have said there’s lots of very XC style trails in and around Melbourne that’ll still be fun.


With your bike i figured that you were from North Van or spent time there :wink:
Plus there wasnt many people doing Soma locally so it was a chance you had been to Mighty.
Jamie and Nick at ‘the champ’ are solid dudes.

You are onto some good people already.

do not race the cycling cross.

But it looks like so much fun!

haha I was gonna post the same thing!!


You Yangs.

Bit of a drive from Melbourne but well worth it.

It was a bit of a drive from Adelaide but well worth it.

Looking forward to riding there again, did a day in the You Yangs back in 2008 when I was in Melbourne last. I was on a super shitty Kona rental bike but it was still fun and looked like it had potential for some decent XC laps.

A more important question… what hockey team do you follow?


Being a Canucks fan is pretty much mandatory if you live in Vancouver.

Me in Vancouver - am I doing it right?
I caught a Giants game when i was there because of the stupid lockout. I did do a tour of Rogers Arena though. I loved Vancouver.