Moving to Melbourne

Well, I’m relocating from Sydney to Melbourne come the start of July and I’ve got a sweet new frame waiting for me which I’m keen to get on the road. Can any of you Melbourne folk recommend to me some good rides or meet-ups?

I also need to be pointed in the direction of a good bike shop, good coffee and some work if anyone knows of anything!


in regards to your Bike shop question.

  1. Shifter Bikes
    2)Pony Bikes
  2. Human Powered Cycles

These seem to be the best or most used shops and they will help with most of your needs… Bike related that is:)

pretty sure there’s a thread about the best cafes in melbourne somewhere on FOA.

here’s my 2c.

north of river:
bike shop - ponybikes - capel st west melbourne. commuter cycles - prentice st, brunswick
cafe - seven seeds/wide open road/padre/small block/milkwood… mate, there’s fucking heaps

shifter bikes is the only one i know of to be honest!!
cafe - Salford Lads Club - corner bridge and fennel sts, port melbourne. Dead Man Espresso (coffee only, food’s way overpriced/small - SORRY GENE!!!) it’s on market st, sth melbourne. or St Ali, dunno where it is, off clarendon st somewhere.

as for work, what do you do!!??

Cheers fellas. As for what I do; for the last 3.5 years I’ve been working as a design assistant/model maker/mould maker for a company called Dinosaur Designs. So I have a lot of experience with plasticine, silicones and prototyping. I’ve also done a bit of illustration and printmaking in the past.
But to be honest, I’m keen for any kind of work when I get down. Part of my reason for moving is for a change of scenery

Agreed on the abundance of nice coffee stops, too many to mention, once you’ve found a place you’ll be living then you can ask where around your area. Wed night ride is a good place to start, 6:30 meet at fed square. And also Saint Cloud Has some quality bits and pieces on offer. Do you know where you’ll be living?

Yeah trying to get a place in North Melbourne or thereabouts

^Then Pony Bikes shall be your bike shop, and Seven Seeds is not too far away.

+1 auction rooms too for coffee and food, can be a tad on the expensive side.

Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse is also a top little cafe in North Melbourne…this is quickly turning into another cafe thread, huh?

Ha! So it would seem. Thanks for all the suggestions guys

good choice. don’t overlook kensington or flemington - a bit further out, but still nice.

cafes and bike shops have already been covered.
wednesday nite for the regular fixed ride.
check the ‘occasional weekend rides’ thread in the Melb section, that’s more for geared rides these days (if you’re into that sort of thing…)

jobwise, i dunno much about industrial/product design. all the designers on FOA are graphic designers or architects. i’m sure your experience at a well known company will serve you well though.

Awesome. Thanks

if you move to Flemington go and see “The Mad Hippie” and have a coffee next door, they use supreme from memory,

My wife purchased her bike from Evan and she has said that she wouldn’t go to another bike shop. rated her experience as A+

that whole street (crescent?) is rad. also contains Laksa King…

Muchas gracias to everyone who posted in this thread. You’ve all been a massive help

Also, there’s a ride Mondays.
It leaves from the phone boxes outside the State Library at 7pm, generally.

+1 for laksa king. that place is amazing and is world famous.

YES! I live just around the corner- Flemington rocks! Not too cool, but not too uncool either, you know what I mean?

Unlike shirtless riding. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: