Moving to Melbourne

I lived in Flemington and Ascot Vale for 4 years and it is great out there. You do have to ‘travel’ to go anywhere because nothing ‘cool’ is in the neighbourhood, but everything is within 5 or so km and it is quiet out there. Rent is still reasonable on that side as well.

+1 for Evan at Cyclic and the cafe next door. They do GREAT coffee and equally as good breakfasts.

I live in Hawthorn now and there is good food on Glenferrie, but its not the coolest place unless you like university girls at places like Cheers or The Hawthorn on a Tuesday night.

I would agree with trying to find a place in and around north melbourne/flemington/kensington.
I particularly like going out around the full moon time and being thoroughly entertained by all the underbellies and city-bogan-chic style people around.
Agree that Laksa King is the beast, but if you’re having a big night out, stop on the corner of Racecourse road/Flemington road and get a Kebab from the caravan at the carwash. Say “Hello Brother” to the guy when you rock up and there is a 50/50 chance you’ll get a free can of solo.
I have always found Flemington cycles really good for advice, consumables etc, very friendly staff, but not so keen on helping you with fg/ss so go Cyclic for that.

your idea of cool is always confusing H.

Done auction rooms, seven seeds, st cloud and pony bikes - all great places. Big thanks for the tips all.

How are you finding Melbourne thus far?

Really loving it, so many rad places to go and hooking U-turns anywhere is boss. I’ll love it more once I have a home though!

Why did you say laska king now I want laska king.

I’ve just started looking for another housemate currently, location erskine st nth melbourne… if you’re interested.

Sweet spot but I’m actually looking for a place for just me and my girl, shits getting real you know. Appreciate the offer though

Get a good covering letter and hope lady luck is on your side. Just found myself a new place and so can empathize - its tough out there.

You can have my house when the girlfriend and I are finished with it.
You’ll be waiting till about Christmas though…

sigh. me too.

Was there a couple of hours ago, king prawn yum.

yeah. i’ll be doing the same thing in feb. till then housemates are a necessary evil, and cycling designy-makey ones are my preferred kind. though there’s not much room left for bikes indoors anyway

All’s good man just signed the lease on a place today.

On the topic of laksa king; was packed out tonight so I went to chef laguna next door - that place is amazing.

you got a job here yet?
my work is hiring…
call centre work though…
gotta be built for that shit though…

also, dunno if its been mentioned… but prudence is a nice pub to sink some beers.


sigh Used to live down the road, such a great little establishment. The Drunken Poet is also an old favourite.

After work fridays, $5 pints of anything from 5-7pm!

  • you get to listen to uni students have conversations. Feels good

poet is sweet.

I am working at the moment, but it’s hospitality and the hours can be a bit weird. Maybe pm me a bit of info on the call centre? I’m pretty keen for any work that gives me 9 to 5, ha.
And + 1 on Prudence. I dig that place.

Thanks for the heads up on The Drunken Poet P!N and mercury! I’ll be stumbling home from there for sure.