Moving to sydney

Hey, my names Gus, i’ve just finished my studies in canberra and have decided to move to sydney.
I thought introductions were in order.
I also thought it might be good to get a few locals advice on riding in sydney? For general commuting as well as longer road rides and possibly starting track racing? I’m going to be moving to newtown sometime in december so riding knowledge around that part of the city would be much appreciated


Hey Grumpypants! Welcome aboard.

Commuting is fun but you have to be wary. Car is still king but it is getting better. The cycling lanes link up OK around innerwest, cbd but aren’t really as good down south or to the east.

Track training is done through Dulwich Hill or Randwick Botany cyclign clubs on Monday & Wednesday nights at Tempe velodrome, and there is a winter track racing series at DUnc grey Velodrome each year.

Ev, Carlin, Rhys and Kanye will fill you in on the road riding scene…but there is good ridingmost weekday mornings and both weekend days if you can get up early enough.

Wednesday night fixed rides are sort of beginning to happen again, even if just to meet for beer and dinner and Nathan has started the Night owl ride which will be good as the weather gets hotter.

take iteasy mate, catch you in a month or so.

For the weekend road rides: Newtown -> Train to Hornsby -> Bobbin Head, St Ives, Akuna Bay, West Head, etc. -> train home. I’m too far north to know much more about other stuff closer to the city.

Do you know where you’re working, if at all? Some places here just arent commute friendly in any way.

What? You just gotta try harder. That said, when it’s still 36 degrees at 4pm , I advise against riding home…

Edit: Riding around Newtown is fine. It’s an easy commute from there to the city, or anywhere inner west and even over to Bondi. Some of the hilly areas might take a bit of getting used to. As Rod said, Tempe velodrome is the place, it’s outdoor but pretty darn good, and Dunc Gray is amazing. Newtown’s pretty central to all that, and Dulwich Hill is probably a good club to join, I haven’t heard anything bad about it.

i rode home in the heat today. wasn’t pleasant.

Ditto. Nearly three litres of water, multiple shady stops, slowest ride home ever. Possibly feeling effects of mild heatstroke.

For commuter routes someone posted this in dylan’s commuter thread, seems to work really well.
Ride the City - Sydney

All sorts of stories about getting from Seven Hills to the city whilst fending off a barrage of bogan hate-fuelled attempted murder with a motor vehicle. Kinda tough. But Gus aint gonna be out there…thank fuck.

Thanks for the info everyone!

Not sure where i’ll be working yet, i need to get on that. If anyone knows of a monday to friday coffee job that would be amazing.

If you’re keen to start on the track, I’d say join DHBC - can’t really go wrong. I’ve posted some info about them before.

Like most clubs south of the harbour bridge, the DHBC weekend club rides get out of the city to the south, past Sutherland and down to Waterfall. This is also the way to the Royal National Park/Stanwell Tops/Wollongong, and is my favourite direction to ride. From Newtown it’s really easy to ride that direction - learning how to avoid the Princes Hwy makes everything a lot nicer though.

There are great rides north and west of the city (Berowra, Galston Gorge, Bobbin Head etc) and the roads around the eastern beaches are nice too, though they get a bit busier on summer weekends. See the Saturday Morning rides thread - this isn’t every weekend but good when it happens.

I could have a job but some weekend work is a must…

I do Baulkham Hills to the city. Haven’t had much trouble with shitheads in cars, but you still get the occasional c*nt who thinks they own the road, but haven’t had any serious death threats as yet.

I think the riding is good in Sydney. There are plenty of intersting/scenic places to ride. Good hills and punchy little rides. A bit of traffic sometimes, but it’s all part of the fun.

As others have said there are a few different things going on. Come to the Crickerters Arms on a Wednesday or a Saturday ride. And keep an eye on the forum here. See you on the road.

What’s the downside?

Living in Seven Hills.