Moving to the big smoke

So I’m trying this ol’ chestnut again. I need a place to stay from the 18th of march. Hopefully no more then $180 a week. I’m a full time bicycle mechanic so I will be more then happy to fix your bike for free. Trying gumtree and flat mate finders to no avail.

I have a room that’s pending taken, available this Sunday for 1 month. PM me tomorrow for an update.

House has a bike room too.

I can’t be the only one who wants to rent out Blakeys room to get access to his bike room and ride a different bike every day.

Not sure what I’ll do with the gf and the dog though!

I’ll start my own bike share!

Kenoath - PMd

That would be awesome but I don’t get to ride the bikes I have enough haha

Cheers for the PM blakey

BUMP the year old thread instead of starting a new one…Check the first post ^

I have a room for you if you are interested.

Yes thank you. I have sent you a PM

Still looking? Know a place in Brunswick West with a spare room.


one guy is a fucking champ. the other is fucking wierd. House is good, room is huge.

I know a place. With a bike shed.
Cheap, but weirdly set-out house.
Good people.
Pretty awesome location.

PM sent caz