Mr dyldos new hi-ten beasty

I swapped some wheels for this frame at the swap meat, then christian bent the forks a little when he smashed into a como on the way home from talking it to work to find some shit for it

Hated the 1" steerer tube, I had no spares for it, but today I went and chilled wih the guys tat cycling deal after we went around ooking for some exhaust shit for christians polesmoker, he had some cool chinese cigarettets, and these forks, I took them home, accidentally bent the forkends in whilst attempting to get the crown race on, and yeah, bent them back.


Bars: soma, probs their major taylors, sooo deep, still need track grips, but I didn’t have any at home, will probs look for some soon, or I’ll just wrap an old tube aroun it or something

Stem: I think this was on justions repco which is niw the top half of my tall bike, shitter, but idc

Frame: bianchio pista, it’s got a cromo tt, but i reckon everything else is hi-ten, just rap on it, that shit has a distinct dinggg

Fork: cyclling deals cheapooo, but they’re better than the shit arse dick face tit mouth forks that were on there

saddle: what came from my fuji, san marco blaze or whatevers

wheels: alex crostinis to formulas, from the fuji’s standard bulid, really tough and weigh an alright little bit.

ZTires: some conti on the front that was on my gitane, pretty old, but the session 700 like whats ion the back didnt fit

Headset": tange comet, pretty sweeet

crznks: campalnolo scentaur, with a fycomatosis chaimring, and some slightly rust-anodized bolts

Pedals: shitters, but they have some leaather straps that do ok.

:seatpost something slinky gave me in thhe poocheck, but when I figured out my deda one fitted I stuck that in there so this ones in here, and it does ok.

CHeers for looking, new sprocket from rolly sooon, gonna be sweet.

And yeah the only thing I spent money to get was the forks and i dunno if i really like th em, but theyre ok for now. I still might buy a visp, or just sell this so I can buy eheels for my crosscheck.
If anyone wants it I guess they can shoot me offers, but I dunno, The wheels are pretty exxy. Nice novatech hubs, hate all you loike brandname wanjkerds, that’s why you drink terrible beer made in the same factory as vic, just like your wheels and hubs

nice. i can give you a few bucks for the can if it’s full

thats disgusting.
the vb that is

bikes nice

Next you’ll be sporting a beard and riding helmetless through Fitzroy.

When your ready let me build you some killer wheels for cross.

I know right? When I look at it, I’m like ‘Duuuuude I am sooooo hipster, shit is so cash!’

And slinky my man, I was thinking I was just gonna grab those super deep carbon ones with the novatech hubs from cycling deal, absolute madshits. I want some carbon y’all! If anyone know about lower profile cheaper carbon rims, inform me please, I want them haaard

Don’t do it you will ruin them just get some mavics laced to a 32 hole hub.


I ruin everything, it’s my #1 skill. I’m just gonna put the ss wheels from my mtb on there, and some new wheels on the mtb.

OH wait they won’t work, cos they’re disc rims :confused:
Yeah I’ll get some mavics, and some nice novatech hubs then.
SLINKY THE GENIUS (who’s chair I haven’t fixed yet)

Wow I always thought these were Cro Mo frame. Subsequent research on the net tells me they are Steel…,Plain gauge steel…, and butted cro mo, all at the same time. Clear as mud really.
Nice bike BTW, ride it like you stole it or at least ride it drunkenly.

I had a play on the tubes with my knuckles, and so did my mates boss, tt is chromo, everything else is shitola cola.

And yeah, i’ll ride it like fixed gear street bikes should be, hard, fast and drunk.

i like how you built it up in a completely different way to how i did
i dig it bro

^ Thanx for the new sig , you fucken poster of awesomeness!

Oh, and soak off a VB label from a stubbie and apply it to your seat tube where a tubeset decal would go.Pics when its done thanks.

Well man, we’re very different guys, you took good care of it, I’ll probably ride it down some stairs.
Add me on facebook, I can’t find you.

Also Dave, so it shall be written, so it shall be done.

*so shall it be written, so shall it be done.

/creeping death

I miss this bike, it was pretty decent, as far as cheap shit bikes go.