Mr Pink - caution: contents not actually pink

Long story short: always been into bikes, fixed, MTB etc.

Got fat (ish). Bought a roadie. Lost (most of) it. Had a Trek/Fisher Ion Pro which, while being an amazing bike, never quite fit me right. I wasn’t really in the market for a new bike, but this frame came up at the right price.

Sorry these photos are shit. My DSLR just fucked out and i need to go get it serviced.

The geo is spot on. 56TT, 1000WB, 415 stays, 73/73.8 SA / HA. Just brilliant… It’s a little beardo with it’s massive rear clearances, but it still accepts regular brakes so no sweat.

But steel forks aren’t my game… So i sorted that right out…

Obligatory CK SV

Thought i’d give SRAM a try. Picked this up on BNA (thanks to whoever recommended it) for the right price as well… If only he’d remembered to send the cassette :confused:

Parts to come:

Thomson X2 100mm
Thomson Elite 27.2
Selle Italia Flite (I think…)
Deda something bars
Brooks Leather Tape Black

The wheels:
I’m quite keen to get a 20/24 spoke White Bros T11 - h+sons archetype rolling, but i’ve been informed the globe is out of black archetypes until march :confused:… Such is life… Four weeks away ain’t bad. I’ll see if I can land a deal on some King R45’s before then…

Thanks to all who have put in their 2c on the build in the wanted section.

I’d also consider alchemy Orc hubs and tune mig mag hubs.
Both are great hubs.

Try to find on old stock WI H3, better flange spacing etc than the t11

If only u had campy I’d sell my 20/24 wi to Stan’s

also approaching double the price of the WI hubs…

but yeah i’d love a pair of mig/mag laced to archetypes.

yea try fairwheel bikes for rims and hubs… they are well priced and have lots of very desirable goodies…
they also have their own rims which are ment to be swwwweeeetttt…
nice looking frame by the way, i’d get the forks black and glossed to match the frame but thats a nice setup you got there!

Yeah it’s not a frame I would have thought I would like, but it looks real nice with that fork and the nice parts you have.
I will be watching this build.

Can probs arrange a WI shimano body to suit Dayne’s hubs and swap em out.

Hubshells are different.

Campagnolo to Shimano on H3?

yeah, look up the flange spacings.

They still make the H3 as it’s C9-11 compatible, but the H3 was only S8-10, redesigned (and worsened for non 11sp) to take S11.

I thought this thread was going to be about “in the pink”

Should be sweet Tomas! Should come out my way and we can talk shop.

Really like this. I was looking at one for a while before I bought my Soma.

Would like to see that Enve fork painted to match the AC for you’ve taken off :wink:

cheers for the positivity guys. I’ve emailed fairweel bikes for a quote and i’ll see what they come back with…

velomine wanted ~800USD for a T11/Archetype… But fuck if I’m going to spend 800 I may as well spend the thousand on Luxe Wheelworks R45/Archetypes you know…?

I’m not completely sold on the paint yet… but i’ll see how that pans out…

What’s the deal with spoke count? What’s the norm? Rider weight here: 85kg and you know the build now…

24/28 with DB spokes would be adequate. 28/32 would be bomb proof so to speak.

Has anyone got a spare set of shims for a shimano ultegra FD? the 35-32 style…

They normally come in the box, wether or not you need them. Cheers

24/28 spokes makes no sense to me. you’re using a rim that is effectively a box section (no, that pointy bit does not make it aero), the rim itself is heavy, you have a shit load of spokes anyway, youlll save maybe 50g tops getting 24/28, for no benefit whatsoever and if you break a spoke youll do a lot more damage if you had 32 front and rear. and more spokes is more pro.

I dunno …

In similar vein to a.davis I’d think 32/36 for an 85kg rider would be closer to “bomb proof” as much as I don’t like that term. 28/32 would be my minimum suggestion given the rider weight and bike spec/build/purpose and I’d say 32/32 is good coverage as most impacts affect the front wheel so a few extra spokes won’t hurt.