Mrs Green Machine's Ken Evans Tarck

So She’s forgotten her account details so thought i’d just post it up here for her,

We picked the frame up off Evil Bay a while ago complete, we stripped it and got Ken to do the resto for us, turned out really nicely.
Big thanks to Nick from Saint Cloud for all his help with parts and the build! and LP for the shots and riding in the rain just so he could grab the camera.

It’s actually getting ridden around with different forks, some chrome forks that were drilled and have a lot more rake.

Parts list

Frame/fork: Ken Evans (built by Mal McPherson) 50.5st 50tt
Headset: Chris King threaded
Stem: Dura ace 7400
Bars: rizorz from saint cloud
Grips: Champ
Brake Caliper and lever: Odessy
Seatpost:27.3 Dura Ace 7400
Cranks: “Dura Ace” old fluted cranks polished by Sasha at Pony
Wheels: Low profile Phils to OP, 3cross 32 rear 32 radial front
Tyres: Schwalbe Durano Plus and Ultremo R
Saddle: Turbo Re-issue in suede

nice build, and nice shots:)

quality. doe she love it as much as you do GM?? =D

Nice job! Ken certainly did a great job on the resto.


man this is classy! very nice GM

Love it. Such a classy looking bike!!!

Nice bike, you prob shouldn’t leave it on the track like that though.It will get hit by a tram.

Needs pedals.

That is awesome! Girlfriends deserve a light fast bike. Not some rusty step thru most guys throw their way.

So good. And the shots, So good.

very nice, love that colour, too.

What… you painted over the white/pink bubble paintjob! This build is super nice but can’t believe you ditched restore the OG Paint!

Love it. Old skool Dura-Ace FTW!

looking slick. how’s toeverlap with the other forks?

Very nice!

that is bloody great, cranks are tops

Classy work.

So nice.


photo credit tristen? lol

this bike is wicked, it built up looking so good and has made one very happy young lady.

shot on EOS 30D, 35mm f/2.0

a few shots and a bit of a blog post over at Saint Cloud