mrs. spirito will kill me ....

I’m pimping off a matching pair of Raleigh Twenty’s. Too many other esoteric bike projects to do these justice. Very cool, very cute …

2 Matching Raleigh Twenty Vintage Brooks Sturmey Archer | eBay

Omgz super cute!

Can anyone help getting these to Melbs?

i love these, was already on my watch list!

watching with oh so much interest!

Such a sad story.

Way to tug at the heartstrings spirito.

I was very sad. He never rode either of them after his wife died. They had too many memories and after I handed him the $'s ($300 actually - it was his price and I never had the heart to haggle) he turned away and went inside as he was getting quite emotional.

I’ve had them for more than 5 years now and I keep meaning to take 'em apart but never have. In saying that I could just as easily put them back in the shed if they don’t attract much attention. A few days to go … we’ll see how it goes.

Rip :frowning:

Spirito - I know your ad says pickup only but is that open to negotiation? Or if not, would you hold onto them for a while until a certain Melbourne based member could go to Sydney for a weekend? I showed them to the gf and she is pretty keen on them (especially given the story behind them).

hi are these good for skids? also can you put an aerospoke on and take a pic so i can see what it will look like. and do u know how to make it a fixie for me too please i heard u need a rotor fix but i dont have one but i want one.

Okay, who asked about the skids and Aerospoke?

a bit if a giveaway … (Alex****)

I always look at your forum ID and think What Would Jesus Do?

They’re gonna be a pain in the ass the pack/box/ship. They’re heavy etc etc otherwise I’d have offered it but - they do collapse/fold but theyre’e not super well protected. fenders will get bent, lights are exposed etc

Then there’s the fact that they need quite a bit of work to bring back around. Lots surface rust on the chrome parts and also the frame - nothing terminal but it will take a lot of time. If you’re a newb to doing this stuff it’ll be daunting, if you’ve done it before it’ll be easy. With in mind I’d rather the new custodian pick them up in person and know exactly what they’re getting.

Trust me if it was easy and straightforward to ship/post I’d do it. They are way cool, and ideal for trips to the pub, bakery, local thai, or to do some shopping (especially as they have integrated lights front/back + reflectors) and it’d be cute to ride with your Mrs. etc but you’ll need to spend a few weekends taking them apart, trip to Bunning’s, use crazy ass chemicals and some plastic buckets to soak stuff in.

^ Cheers. I ask myself that question before everything I do.

I am not worried about the amount of work needed to restore them - I have done it before & find the rust removal/polishing/fixing/finding correct parts quite cathartic.

You are right in saying Shipping would be a nuisance - I was thinking the only alternative would be if I got them the next time I was in Sydney and put them on the plane home with me with extruding parts removed to avoid damage. Other option is having a mate in Sydney grab them from you and they could hold them. I will think about it, I am sure I could work it out somehow!

Cool … think it through. I’m glad you’re aware that it’ll be a little trickier to tee up than say normal bikes, and it’s great you’re aware of what they’ll need to get them around again. In way it’s exactly what I’m looking for with regards to whom to pass them onto as they are very worthwhile and I feel obliged to the the right thing.

I actually don’t think it’ll need any new parts part from tubes. The tyres are old but can be ridden, everything else is there. I haven’t checked in a few years but I think the combination locks (red and blue) that the original owners used are still in the white bag. I think the biggest improvement would be alloy rims and 20" bmx tyres as the steel rims whilst original are an odd size to now source for tyres and offer very poor braking (+ heavy).

I don’t mean to piss anyone off but if it looks like the eBay auction won’t come close to what I originally paid I’ll probably end it early and leave them in the shed.

That’s your call, there are 4 days to go. It looks like there are plenty of interested parties (myself included) and yes you may not get 300. But you may still sell them to someone who will restore and ride them.

And at the end of the day, who enters there max bid on ebay with 4 days to go… leave that shit for the last 7 seconds.

skyway tuffs would be the go.