Mt Baw Baw Classic

seems as though a few people on the forum have high end road bikes do you race? not sure how many of them live in Melbourne but was just wondering if any of you guys are racing the MT Baw Baw Classic coming up soon? im coming over from perth for it. should be fun!

I’m not racing it but I road the course Saturday.

If you don’t know the terrain there are some pretty big rollers and decent climbs before you even get to Baw Baw. Then there’s the last 6 Km’s are pain.

You should definitely descend back down Baw Baw. It’s really technical and fast, super fun!

Its a stunning ride, have a great race.

I’ve seen cars struggle to get up that mountain in first gear, and in winter I saw a car on its roof after it rolled while it was going uphill :-o.

I rode down it once, hit a touch over 70km/h which was enough to scare the shit out of me. Some of my mates hit 90km/h. We had someone at the gatehouse who gave us the all clear so we could cut corners :-D. Didn’t ride back up though, hats off to anyone who does that as it would be a gut wrencher.

fuck, let us know how it goes. a mate of mine scored 5th last year, and is now riding for some team in europe. reputations get made up there!

Definitely pace yourself for the last 6km’s. It’s relentless, just when you thinks its going to flatten out it keeps going. My Garmin ticked over to 28% grade on some parts.

Check in a few days. Wade and I did a little photo journal of the climb. I’m pretty sure he had his power meter on and will post the profile.

sounds great. Its a shame WA hasnt got any hills like what Victoria does. looking forward to it!

baw baw one week, alpe de buffalo the next… man, it’s a good month for climbers…

baw baw, of course, clashes with the state omnium champs. and buffalo clashes with escape from the suburbs. choosing is tough…

The pain is worth the scenery. You will have a blast knowing you can cut corners without the fear of oncoming cars.

mt baw baw reconnaissance

Some gorgeous photos in the gee. Especially the early ones with the mist. Nice work.

I did the Baw Baw classic a few years ago and got third.

It was a hard race although it was not ridiculous or anything like that.

There were about 100 riders at the start of the race and only seven or so left in the bunch when we reached the base of Mt. Baw Baw.

I remember doing the climb in a 39/21 on a training ride about two weeks before the race although I used a 25 from memory on race day (my race weight then was 58kg and I was a reasonable climber).

If you contact Andy from the Fyxamotosis? website you should get some good advice, after looking at his website and reading what he has written about himself I am sure he probably won it a few times, he is the best/only bike messenger/racer ever, Just ask him…

Good luck with the race and let me know how you go.

making friends again, Ti?

I get your point…

I don’t really use forums as a serious form of point/communication, I just write whatever I feel at he time and expect others to do the same.

I don’t really care too much about the whole bike thing that much to take forums etc. seriously.

I have had my fair sare of abuse on this particular forum and I am ok with that, I am sure that some of my posts annoy/anger some people.

The idea of a forum is to share different ideas.

I am sure many would understand/agree with my comment Re. Andy White, it is difficult to admire somebody who seems to think so much of himself and put so much effort into expressing that on a public website.

Famous people generally become famous because of what others think of them and not how they think of themselves.

Ha ha. :lol:

Thanks for your well thought response to my post xbrendanx, you seem like a really great guy who enjoys looking at things from different perspectives.

Looking at the number of posts you have posted and responses to other posts etc. it is comforting for me to know that I am not being judged by some computer nerd/idiot who obviously spends most of his time interacting with a computer keyboard.

Your post shows that not everyone on this forum is so quick to post some dumb image/quote instead of actually posting a response that has some practical connection to my original post.

Maybe next time I should just post something really amazing like “should I put brakes on my bike?” or “I saw a guy on Collins St. today riding a fixed gear bicycle” or “can somebody teach me how to true a wheel”


That was me on collins street.


That was pretty funny Coffee.

hey mate, what exactly do you want to achieve here? what outcomes do you want? what benefits do you hope to gain?

I think he’s funny, and he’s wound you up so it’s even xfunnierx.