mt coot-tha challenge

Thinking about the werewolves of Brisbane ride and was wondering if any one was doing the Mt Coot-tha challenge as a warm up?? :?

My family from Melbs is in town that weekend so I won’t be doing it. Wouldn’t mind putting a 20T+ on the back and trying it on a different weekend though? I’ve done it plenty of times on the roadie, still makes me feel like I want to spew about 3/4 of the way up!

Did a great ride today from Gabba to the Redcliff bridge. Good 55-60km flat ride one way (Mrs Ant and I took the train home). I want to do it again with anyone that is keen. Might have to wait a few weeks though because my March is getting pretty booked out!

i was all set to do this last year, but at the time i was waiting for my frame to arrive, it didnt make it in time :frowning:

so im pretty keen to do it this year, love the ride up coot-tha :smiley:

I am going to try with a 42/18. if you see someone pushing a green bike uphill in a full face its me. :slight_smile:

I’ll be there, but will be riding with gears. 34x25 for me. Look out for a red/white/black Scapin. I’ll keep an eye out for fixies - let me know if you need a push, and I’ll let you know if I can.

I’m keen - I may wimp out and move to a free wheel to make the down-hill more fun :wink:


So, what’s the final count? I’m going to try 48x19 fixed but swap to 14 free for the down hill and the rest of the 70Km.

Keep and eye out for a red white and blue langster.


Well I completed the 70 km on the 42/18 but have to report had to walk a section of the hill.

Only saw one other single speed but that may be because all the bikes passing me were being ridden by little old ladies.

To the other single speed hi and thanks for the conversation .

Next year I am going to add a twenty tooth freewheeel to the flip flop and coast on the way down.


and did you ride the langster JB?

Yep - me and the langster did the 70Km as well.

I can report that 42x19 is still a bit too tall to get up the mountain - at least with my current fitness (been travelling too much over the last month :frowning: ) I too had to walk a small section. To be honest, I think the biggest pain was getting to the start of the hill-climb with the fixed gear - it meant I was spinning pretty hard getting there (a few ups-and-downs on the way) and was not as fresh as I wanted to be when I hit the climb - in hindsight, I should have taken a 5 minute breather before hitting the mountain.

I can recommend the freewheel on the way down - I flipped to 42x14 freewheel for the decent and the rest of the 70Km. The rest of the ride was quite fun (in comparison). Did the whole thing in a bit over 2h40m.

Next time, we’ll have to get a few more singlespeeds on the run!


Reckon that was tall Tony who works for me…63x61cm square SS old Malvern Star…said he’d been talking to a fixie in a full face

That would have been Tall tony because the Malvern star rider was tall and I did have a full face.

To JB you should post your climb time.

My timing chip, they tell me, was fried by the tower transmissions at the top as I was crossing the mat so I do not have an official time, Therefore ergo sum you can claim the record for the fastest fixie up the mountain

So, the climb time was not very impressive - only 14:57. :-/

The 2-5 mins on foot did not help :wink:

Still, unless we have another official time, I claim “Fastest Fixie on Cootha” haha!

In prep for next year, who’s up for a trial run up the mountain again over winter?