Mt Macedon ride Tuesday 26th of June.

Thought I would put this ride up on the forum, don’t expect much interest since it’s a weekday ride. Maybe there will be some interstate people still in Melbourne after Roobaix keen for a ride?

All welcome on any form of bicycle.

Event details.

Oh man, last time i did this ride, me and xbbx went up it six times, and i fucked my knee for like three months.

it was awesome.

Can’t tell if serious.

it was also raining, and four degrees.

not a word of a lie.

Why would you do it six times? That is crazy! Once on my sweet fixie was enough for me.

bb had strength endurance shit to do and i was bored.

you left out the most important part.

I’m impressed!

oh yeh, that’s why it hurt so much.

and we came across deano who was all like “fuck this is cray” and went to have a coffee instead.

we are impressive individuals.

map’s not working for me. which road is the hill? how long is the climby bit?

Yeah map has seemed to have died, this is the climb though Mt Macedon Road to Memorial Cross Drive

the first third is steep, the rest is fine. It’s a nice climb.


Hopefully this link works for the route St Georges Rd & Oakover Rd, Preston VIC 3072 to Cameron Drive/C328 - Google Maps

EDIT: Thinking of coming back via Annandale Rd as suggested by Brendan.

You did this fixed?! If you tell me how, I might be inclined to attempt it.

dude, getting a pun in there was an uphill battle.

Slowly that’s how! Pretty sure it took me 35 minutes to do the 9.1km climb. Anyone can do it! You wont be the only one on a track bike so we can both struggle up it.

EDITED FOR PUNS: I can see this thread going downhill very fast.

I had to climb back onto my chair after I realised what I’d done.

How was this ride? I rode on Tuesday AM, it was a cold one!

Fond memories of the climb when I was a member of the long since defunct Gisborne Cycling Club in 1987. I remember coming back down as very bumpy. Still have the Gisborne jersey - wore it at Chandler last week for my (pathetic) track comeback.