MTB DH World Champs Winning Runs

In case any of you are interested.

Emmeline Ragot (FRA) Senior Womens World Champion


Danny Hart (GBR) Senior Mens World Champion


To put these into perspective. A usual winning margin for a world cup or world championship race is generally well under 3 seconds.

Also, watch Emmeline’s run first. That’ll give you a better perspective of Danny’s speed.

That run by danny hart was amazing, i was watching it and couldnt believe it…especially the whip on the final jumps. insanely fast

if i remember correctly, the aussie that won the juniors would have come second in elites? going to be a future rider.

How can someone be that fast in the wet?
That was amazing!

That is insane! The commentators completely loosing it makes it even more awesome

too true - he’s from the UK though… how often do you think he gets the pleasure of fine and sunny weather at home?


A bit of a master class in wet riding. Nice work DH. Track was freakin’ rad! It seemed to be holding up well too. Is Glenn Jacobs from Cairns still involved in building WC tracks?

Freaking amazing. Although a warning to anyone who is yet to watch it: hit mute. Patriotic commentary is fine but after 30 seconds or so those screaming geezers sounded more like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Yep, Aussie Troy Brosnans Junior winning run would have placed him in 2nd in senior men. He was the only other rider to go sub-4mins.
He’s on the same team as Sam Hill and Brendan Fairclough though, and he was also last years JR World Champ, so he knows a thing or 2 :wink:

I hope not. He was responsible for the Stromlo DH and 4X tracks which were a total embarrassment to Austalian mountain biking.

To be honest, I thought the same thing too when I first heard Rob Warner commentate, but he’s just as enthusiastic about anyone when they’re on a sensational run.
Also, his on-the-fly quotes are unfuckingbelievably funny!

“That was uglier than ET with skin cancer”
“He’s outta here faster than when he ploughed his brother’s wife!”
“Hangin it all out like a fat bird in a bikini”
The list goes on, there’s hundreds of them lol. You can download an app for your iPhone with Warner quotes!
He’s the ONLY man that should be allowed to commentate world cups! lol

This is a bit rough. He worked with what he had… which was a hill with soil that had been baked dry and retained no moisture and a big pile of shitty dirt to try and make a 4X track with. The reason why the World Cup was in Canberra was due to CORC with a very strong backing from the ACT government. There aren’t many other MTB areas in Australia that tick all of the boxes that the UCI require to hold such an event.

Would you have rather we didn’t even get a look in to the world champs and world cup?

For more on what Glenn Jacobs has been up to… hit up

Yeah I understand the reasons behind Canberra getting it. The XC course there is amazing but the 4X and DH courses were a total disappointment to both spectators and riders.
The 4X track was built for BMX’s with nothing really challenging in it, and there were plenty of options to widen the DH course so there were more lines down it, and they could have got rid of the massive pedal at the bottom by running them down the bottom half of the 4X rack.

I remember Peaty, Minnar and Fairclough all commenting that it was the shittest course they’d ever ridden, and I’d imagine they’ve ridden a few in their time. Gracia didn’t even turn up for the world champs after riding it the year before at the world cup. It paints a pretty poor picture of Australian mountain biking.

Anyways… off topic.

Lets get back to worshiping Danny Hart and Tory Brosnan please! :smiley:

Whaaaat… as a spectator, what course on the DH circuit can you see the riders coming down 80% of the hill? And 4X? Two aussies got up! The atmosphere was amazing on the Friday night… even with the rain.

lol, yeah atmosphere was good, and all the crowd favorites got up, but still think both courses were rubbish when compared to other world level courses.

check this insane run sam hill did a few years ago, much the same.


fuck that! that commentary is amazing!

So disappointed not to hear a “WHAT IN THE NAME OF SAM HILL!” in that clip.

came to post this. also, the whip at 2:15!

Holy shit. How do people stay on their bikes at that speed in the wet? And that commentating is pretty funny - nothing wrong with a bit of personality in the commentary.
Also - French national kit is glorious.

I’ll agree to disagree.

Anyway, here’s a geezer that I’m sure we can all agree is cool.

And that Danny Hart, what a guy.

agreed, the commentary takes it up another level (but i can see how people might find it grating). you can tell that he really is going all out.

the whip was nuts, but what about the fact he took his hand off the bars several times mid-run? was that showboating or because his hand was hurting/tensed up?

SBS had a great highlights package which features the other podiums places and some crashes