Mtb in Brisbane area

So I am looking to do some mountain biking in the Brisbane area and I was hoping someone might be able to show me the ropes. I have never gone mountain biking before let alone on a fixed or ss. Doesn’t need to be on a fixed or ss but I was just hoping someone might be able to show me the ropes and such. I am in St. Lucia so I know that Mt. Cootha has some good trails. I’ve done Cootha on my road fixie so I figure a new pov is due. Thanks to anyone who can offer some assistance.


Oh, and I don’t have a mt bike. I would need to borrow one.

Have a look at for mtb in Brisbane.

Oh, mtb without an mtb could be a little problematic? is another good site to look at for rides in brisbane.
or have a look n a local shop for a booklet called “where to ride in brisbane”, put out by gillian of the gap creek trail alliance.

Road fixie on the trails is made of win.