MTB in the Desert

So I’m thinking of going riding in the desert for a few days. Keen to get a few people together to come along.

Contrary to popular belief it shouldn’t be too hot. Avg max temp should be in the mid twenties.

It’s all out and back racing, so you can stay in a hotel… none of this camping with a full support vehicle/team like you get in the simpson desert cycle challenge.

Anyone interested?

i am tempted. my birthday is that week and i’m all about extreme birthdays (last year was the fastest go-karts i could find, year before was paintballing in echuca). Maybe this year I could drag my mates to the top end for a week of MTBing. The biggest problem is i’m already running out of leave at work. hopefully i can get 8 weeks with my new contract…

I should be there for this event…as a lead-up to the 2008 Croc Trophy.