mtb me!


i need an mtb for the weekend of nov 24-25. anyone have one that is collecting dust? i’ll ride anything but a 19" ish frame would be super duper. doesnt need to be too fancy at all. def happy to supply someone with my fixed hillman or my ken roadie for the weekend so they can still roll around. single speed is fine, rigid is fine (actually both are preferable but whatever)… i’m not going to be riding super hard. an on-one inbred would probably do the trick… :wink:
i’m in melb.
mobile is 0400508811



I’ve got an old ‘chrome molly’ Wheeler. Needs some attention but should be god with a lick of grease and a touch up on the brakes and gears. Probably a plan Z if nothing else comes up…

Let me know champ :slight_smile:

thanks guys :slight_smile: situation under control.

if you want to get rid of that wheeler full time mate, let me know. whats it got on it?

Good stuff. Nah I’ve had her in my stable for near on 14yrs! She’s got STX-RC everything and I haven’t changed much at all since new, although I AM considering a change to SS X-Country soon for summer.
Been a fantastic value bike.

Have fun in the dirt champ :smiley: