Mtb shifters and front mech + road cranks?

I’m in the preparatory stages of a flat bar road bike build (road everything if possible with mtb bars and shifters), and after checking all over sheldon brown’s site, a potential problem has arisen - using mtb front mechs with road cranksets.

As I understand, you have to use Mtb front mechs with Mtb shifters (due to the pull ratio), but Mtb mechs don’t fit road chainrings properly?
Are there any ways around this, or will I have to run a smaller, “Mtb” sized chainring? What would be the largest size chainring that would fit a Mtb front mech?
Or perhaps leaving the front mech as a friction shifter (as i believe Lance Armstrong did when climbing to save weight).
Are there any other main issues with this (braze ons and shit in particular)?

Any advice on this would be fully rad (or any advice in this type of conversion in general).

been there done that- with a road front mech and chainset with MTB trigger- it worked fine.

Great, cheers mate - i sort of assumed that the tolerances for a front mech aren’t too tight

Do you by any chance have drop bar road components that you’ve removed?
I want to convert my 2010 Giant CRX3 to drop bar. Maybe we could swap?
I have a flat bar specific front derailer, although I’m not sure why it’s specific when I’ve heard multiple people say that a road derailer works too.

If you search in the wanted section I posted an offer to trade a while ago.

No, sorry - i’m converting an older road bike (friction shifters etc.).
I assume that’s not what you’re looking for.