mtb sizing?

Coming from a road background, i don’t have much of an idea when it comes to sizing of mtb frames.

I’m 6"5’, and ride the equivalent of a 61+cm seat tube on road and track. What’s a good guide for sizing up a mountain bike frame, as I’m looking around at the moment.

Thanks chaps, and chapettes!

I should add, cross country rather than downhill setup. Thanks.

Just try the difference between an L (18-20") and XL (20-22"), I reckon you will be leaning more towards an XL you monster.

More importantly though - throw your leg over a few to see what feels better, try 26 and 29ers. You will probably feel more at home on a 29er I imagine.

Thanks man, looking 2nd hand for the meantime and there haven’t been too many 29’ers but that has been suggested to me!

Was looking at this…
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  • If I was you I wouldn’t even bother with looking at M (18) or L (20) sizes. I’d be looking at XL or even XXL, you can always put a shorter stem/wider bar to shorten the length, but for xc stuff I’d rather be stretched out a bit rather than too cramped.

I’m 5’10" on a good day and all my mtbs are Mediums and a great fit for me.

Not sure of your budget but that Ebay On One, it looks pretty old so parts for forks may be an issue and I reckon disc brakes are a must on a mtb. Look at the Planet X site and you can get a new frame (with warranty) for less than $200 (+ about 40 for shipping). With some judicious shopping and being ss you could come out with a rippa bike for not a whole lot of coin.

*interwebs sizing disclaimer- it just never works out.

Mtb now? Shit’s getting crazy. Crazy good!

Ev - whats your budget, and are you looking at ss?

Look for 21 inch upwards on the seat tube and 23-25 (horizontal) in the top tube EV, or something sized ‘XL’.

Some may disagree, but sizing is not as crucial on the mountain bikes, as you tend to run a lot more sat post, and have more stem and bar options to get the cockpit right.

In my opinion, the XL geometry on the Surly 1x1 would be a good benchmark for comparisons. I ride the Large with high bars, and I know that you run a good 3cm more on the top tube than me with the same bar height.

definitely thinking ss, or at most 1x?. The OnOne on ebay was i guess a similar setup to what I was thinking. I cant for the life of me remember what my old Demo 8 frame size was, but its pretty irrelevant as it was a DH rig.

Totally understand that its more of a what feels/fits best, but its good to get a heads up on the ballpark sizing.

Thanks all, I shall continue hunting!

yeah what he said. You’ll probably feel more at home on a big 29er. I’m 6’2 and have just stripped out a “large” KHS 29er with about a 61cm ETT in favour of an XL voodoo, but I also like to be stretched out a bit.