MTB trails (VIC)

G’day fellas.

I don’t frequent this part of the forum much, but I am currently enjoying a renewed passion for MTB.

I am heading down to the Mornington Penninsula in a few weeks for a golf weekend. I’ve opted to only play golf on one day, because I plan to go MTB on the other day.

Does anyone know any good trails down that way?

We are staying at St Andrews Beach.

Cheers guys.

I heard (from afar) that there is a fair bit to be had around arthurs seat, though thats as much as i know. I guess the trail that the two bays trail run uses might be open to bikes too?
I’d be keen to hear what you come up with… my dad lives near there and having an escape pre-planned would soften the blow of of our yearly visit.

Red Hill Riders is the local MTB club down there, might be some good info on their site :

Red Hill Riders Mountain Bike Club

To my knowledge the Two Bays Trail is not open to bikes.

I’ve got a loop its more cross country then single track and finshes with road back to Rye. If youre staying at St Andrew here a link.

It involves a bit of Two Bays. Your not supposed to ride it but I’ve only ever come across courteous trail runners and no issues.

Bike Ride Profile | 60kilometers near Rye | Times and Records | Strava

You can join up and ride the Aurthers Seat single track when you get there. Red Hill Rider will give you the info you need about where the trails start

Redhill area trails are great.

Cheers guys, I’ll keep searching.

I had checked the Red Hill Riders site, but I didn’t come up with too much on there. It seemed like a lot of trails were closed and they had been meeting with councils about stuff. Didn’t look like there had been much action on the site for 12 months or so.

Water Boy, whereabouts are those trails? I have been through Red Hill before, but I’m not that familiar with the Penninsula.

Go to the Corner of Arthurs Seat Rd and Mornington Flinders Rd. parl at the school. Ride up to Eatons Cutting Rd and there should be trails there. I see lots of bikers starting there.