MTBA / CA Insurance claims

Yeah, that’s what I meant, just hear of so many bad experiences from collarbones, people that wait the 6 weeks, then realise the bone hasn’t knitted and then get a plate and then have subsequent surgery to remove the plate meaning a very long convoluted recovery.

well, I broke it 8 days ago, surgery on wed, will be getting plate I think and it won’t come out unless I have issue down the line.

also, I think the elbow is the bigger worry, so anything to get that moving faster the better.

Depends on the break. I asked about pinning and due to the location of my break it wasn’t an option.

I swore I’d get it taken out after a year once the waiting period on my private health insurance for surgery was up. It always felt odd, I couldn’t wear a pack on my left shoulder and one screw in particular sticks out so catches tendons when getting massages…

18 months on it still sometimes feels a little odd and the screw still catches tendons but I am more used to it now. Therefore I’m less likely to go through the trauma of getting the plate removed.

There are risks to both leaving it in or removing it.

Finally got my loss of income insurance, well the back pay.

10 weeks after crashing.

They will only pay out time you have medical certs for, so whenever you got to the doctor, get one. I have a gap of 6 days between two of mine, they won’t pay that until I have a retrospective one for that time.

Also, tricky wording in the outline, they will pay 85% of any non-medicare costs, which I took to mean 85% of any out of pocket expenses I had, they mean 85% of any costs that medicare does not contribute to at all.

I.e. my after hours hospital visit was ~$300, medicare will subsidise it by $100, I thought I’d get 85% of the $200 back, I’ll actually get nothing.

So it seems it would have been better for me to say I didn’t have medicare and get billed as a such and claimed it. -I haven’t confirmed this.

Still totally worth having.

Its not that bad, I got my plate taken out earlier this year, didn’t have private health insurance, got it done via medicare, and didn’t have to wait pretty much at all. The procedure was only about 30 minutes, and the recovery time was less than 2 weeks. Would recommend.

Anything medicare does give a rebate for no matter how small is ignored by CA! My biggest out of pocket expenses were on all these items.

Thanks fixiechampion. Will still consider, but priority over the last months have been supporting my wife through chemo. With her going through that my plate is of minor concern at the moment…

Interested to see if the change of insurer for MTBA actually effects coverage. I know they have claimed it wont, but the insurer is different and the policy wording definitely has/had some interesting clauses (that caused a lot of concern for CX organisers).

Got my last loss of income payment today.

Over three months of work, three week stand down period then $500 a week.

Slow and frustrating to ‘get in the system’ with MTBA/CA/insurers but once your in very easy to email medical certificates to extend period.

Overall good and I won’t let my license lapse.

I haven’t renewed mine as I’m not looking at racing at the moment. Probably should anyway just for the insurance…

Surely if not racing ambulance and personal income protection is a better option?

Otherwise the CA recreational license is a fair bit cheaper.