Mudguard help

Today I bought some aluminum mudguards from bicycle recycle to go on my peugeot px 60 but i can’t get em to fit. they didn’t come with any instructions and seem to want to attach to the axle.
the problem with this is it makes the quick release loose and, to me, unsafe.
there are holes on the frame and forks which I would think should take the mudguards but the length of the supplied supports doesn’t permit it.
Should I admit defeat and take them back?

Can you cut the fender struts shorter?

If not then you might be out of luck. Getting fenders to fit well takes a bit of work and you soon realize that cheap fender hardware is a pain in the ass.

you might be able to salvage what you have with some small parts from Abbotsford

or see if you can get a set of struts to use …

Having fitted a few sets of fenders I’ve done plenty swearing. Plastic fenders and cheap hardware is really a false economy.

Thanks for that. I think cutting the struts might be the way to go and then finding the right bolts too

Most of the time you have to cut the struts at the top to make them fit