Mudguard, Seatpost and Saddle STOLEN

CNR Carlton street & Chapel street just in front of “The Space” dance center in Prahran.

just Happened

Seatpost was a black condor I think and Saddle was a San Marco if I can remember !
Don’t really care about the mudguard ^^

quick release seatpost clamp?

nop ! not at all it was a clamp with an allen screw

You will never see these items again. IMHO. Soz.

This gets more fucked by the day. Need to run an old chain through the saddle rails and the rear stays. Or else weld every part to the frame.

It’s ridiculous. I’m going to do this at work tomorrow.

Edit: Also, I reckon I might have a black 27.2 seatpost and an old concor you could have if it’ll help you back on the bike at all.

Superglue and ball beating in the hex head hole might work too.

Never tried it, but apparently it will work.

I thought that was wax and a ball bearing?! Being that, you melt the wax and take the ball bearing out. But it’s enough to stop a spur of the moment thief.

If you superglued it in, you’d never get it out?!

Nah, man, just use solvent. It’s fine.

Dremel with a sharp point, takes 2 seconds.

Doesn’t sound like you were too attached to the seat and you don’t really know what the seatpost is, so just get some more generic shit on there and you’ll be fine. If it was your 120year old Brooks that cupped your balls and whispered sweet nothings and a diamond crusted Thomson then I might care.


But a low fucking act to steal someones saddle and seatpost.

I was doing work experience at BSC in the city a few years ago and a dude came in with this just happened to him,
pretty low blow by the thief, they even took the clamp!

I think for the very most part we get a pretty sweet deal here in AU. I see so many bikes locked up with SA-Weet saddles and posts, which had they been in any other part of the world they would be gone in a blink of an eye. Problems, you ain’t got nuttin’. Just sayin’.

It’s just a seatpost and a saddle, I am just worried about the saddle 'cuz I borrowed it while Sella Italia was sending me a new one.
Hopefully the rest of the bike was there, that’s the most important thing !