Multi bike rack- where to buy/who makes a good one?

I need to organise my bikes in our garage. Who makes a good one, and which bike store has them? Happy to support a local bike shop in inner Melbourne if possible.


Something like this:

I got this:


Its cheap, feels cheap, looks cheap. But it does the job, be it a little wobbly.

There’s 4 of these waiting to be installed instead:

Torpedo 7 do a 5 bike one , modular so you can have it holding two lines to save space, been on my veranda for ages, not rusted , look for them on special.

They don’t charge an arm and a leg to post such a heavy item?

Nope, it’s not that heavy, and I got it when it was on special, they also currently have a free postage offer on orders over $150

they have a birthday sale on right now as well.

blakey - endorsed as well.