Muppet setups you see on a regular basis

It’s been like that for years. I seriously think he has no idea.


oldie but goodie.

the Big W or kmart bike with the fork on backwards

I offered to help the guy fix this but he wasn’t having any of it.

Saw a dude trying to unclip a detached crank arm from his cleats just near the harbour bridge this morning.

Did lol, has happened to me in my first #OG-SOTB, he looked rather confused though.

Reposting this here in it’s true home:

Has anyone ridden one of those saddles?? (Actually I think I’m resting my wrists on one of them right now…)

How do you ride it? Sidesaddle?

disturbing how many kids turn up at Bike Ed with that going on…that don’t like riding their bike for some reason…

I thought tight geo and aero brakes were desirable in a bicycle.

it is till you hit a big bump the suspension fork compresses and the front tyre hits teh down tube.
at which point you do a fully sick nose manual to faceplant

Lulz ensue.

TC: Want to attend CC’s Bike Ed class.

Doesn’t leave chain there either, carries it with him/her.

We’re talking about the red teny right ^^^^^

I was talking about the Repco (also red) cos i thought that was what HMC was talking about.
backwards fork = mad tight clearances yo! (also the possibility for face plants as per my original post :stuck_out_tongue:

Not HMC fyi. Even though we share a birthday, we aint the same person.

what with all the moving H’s swapping J’s and other name changery that has been going on here of late i have trouble remembering who i am, let alone who you guys are.

Yeah I got that, I reckon I need to increase my sarcasm metre by a couple of degrees.

In the diagram of how to build up these bikes, this is how the fork is in the little picture.
I’ve tried to help a few people with this and they’ve all said the same thing, ‘but that isn’t how it is in the manual’.
The best/worst part is that once you turn the fork around the right way, they don’t even notice the difference because the person buying a Big W bike has no idea what a real bike rides like anyway.

Not so much muppet, but rather Fred:

jono and i are two sides of the same coin.