Muppet setups you see on a regular basis

is this thread done already?

I saw so many muppet setups this past week. Didn’t photograph any of them

More muppets please !!

Lowered drops. Classic

is that lock undone…?

Looks like it’s connected at the bottom but I’m not really sure what’s going on there (didn’t even notice at the time). It’s actually a pretty good Centurion, maybe I should go back…

jim is that your bike

^ I just can’t stop looking at that last one.

Shut up James!

it is then.

Thought this belongs here. Taken from Fobblers instagram account. Spotted in CBR this morning.


Another variation on the theme presented by Kit:

P.S. on the topic of full face helmets on the footpath saw a couple of dudes on DH bikes (like proper ones not Kmart dualies) in full face helmets riding down the footpath on Collins street yesterday.

The helmet right? The rest is totally legit…

I’ve seen that heaps around northcote, its esp bad cos the bike would have been $$$ new, its a damn Niner!

gram’d last night:

an unholy combination of all the trends:
SS, CX, Teny, upside downish flatish bars, egg beaters and a shimano “coasting” chain
#SOTB #SummerOfTenyBike

I sometimes see people riding down the road on bicycles designed for the track.


it used to live in our EOTF…i haven’t seen it for a month or so now.

muppet setups at the track i see all the time are people running about 2 inches of spacers on the steerer of their $3000 bike and then a mega deep drop sprint bar (usually in 44+)

and all they do is scratch races…