My 1st Fixed gear build

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to riding fixed, I live in Sydney’s Inner west and after selling my car because it got little to no use I was looking for a new mode of transport. I had been riding my Mountain bike to get around for a few months but was finding it kind of annoying riding it on the road and wanted something with skinny wheels and a unsprung frame and fork. I also wanted to attempt to ride fixed to experience something a little different.

Anyway I decided I didn’t want to just buy a catalogue bike so I thought id build something myself, that way I’d also get to learn how to put together and pull apart a bike.

Below is what I put together mainly from 2nd hand parts from ebay I chose and some advice/parts from some shops around Sydney.

I’m very happy with it, although it could probably be a bit lighter but I don’t mind the heavy back wheel and heavy old frame, it’s still great fun to ride. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a free wheel bike again.

I figure this bike will cop a bit of crap from some forum users (and purists) because I know what forums are like and I have a b43 wheel but I don’t mind, say whatever you may think.

The only thing wrong is that you say you will never go back to a free wheel again. That’s a lie. Just wait…
p.s. It’s a good lookin bike too man, good stuff.

I reckon it looks alright. Parts list? Your saddle looks to be too far back, which may suggest the frame is a bit small for you.

Is it some wierd optical illusion that makes the front wheel look smaller than the rear?

It’s the machined rim I think.

Yeah it’s the machined wheel makes the front look smaller but they are both 700c.

I should probably move the saddle forward (it being far back is proably my in experience at seting up a bike), trust me the frame is huge not sure of the dimentions but most friends of mine cant ride it, but then again most of my friends are a lot shorter than me I’m 6’3"

I’ll post a parts list when I get home from work, I’m not sure of the parts of the top of my head.

bike looks great, nice job. One of the better first builds for sure. +1 on the seat, but if your too ‘squashed’ with the saddle moved forward, then you probably need a bigger frame! or longer stem.

dont fret about people hating on b43s/aerospokes, they all secretly want one/have owned one.

That’s a nice first build !! Just please don’t aerospok it.

This is very good.

The second part is true, not sure about the first :slight_smile:

Good first build effort!
Did those red spokes come standard with the wheelset?

Thanks for the positive comments, the wheels were a custom order (from the USA because of the strong dollar)

I never liked aerospokes, I prefer the classic look of spoked wheels.

On my next build I’m going to learn to lace wheels and attempt a fixed gear with disc breaks and wide tyres.

Nice build,
Dont bother with discs if you can afford them they are generally no good
but ok if your riding in crap and in the wet a lot.



I agree: if you are talking about eating them. If you can fit them in your mouth, the road grime makes them taste like shit. And if you happen to have the hydraulic variety, the fluid is nasty.

As far as brakes go, they crap all over v’s, cantis, roller, drum, spoon, caliper (et cetera ad nauseam) brakes.

I definately want to see a fixed/discs build. Do it.

fixed with discs would be sweet, might be tough to find a frame and hub that will accommodate it though. (assuming you want one on the rear as well). i do vaguely recall someone posting a bike here that had it done though.

edit: found it!

White Industries, Phil Wood SS/Fixed disc hubs. You could get a CX or MTB frame with disc mounts.

If you can set up v’s properly I can’t see the pony of discs .
The main idea is to have the braking surface up out of the mud water and crud.
A handful of v’s will put you over the bars in a couple of feet that’s good enough for me.
Want good brakes go hydro.

Well I bought the frame for my next build today. I’m going for a trick bike, with a disc at the front (no rear brake)

I’ll post it when I get it up and running.

The reasons for want of discs is I have Hydraulic disc breaks on my Mountain Bike and they are fantastic much better than the break I have on my fixed gear, although being fixed the brake gets way less use.

Will update my 1st post with my parts list soon!

It’s not just that discs are better brakes, there are also benefits to wheel performance, through different construction, when you remove the braking surface from the rim.

Haven’t even broke in the chainring and your onto the next build, yeah. I like.–How To | Fit a disk brake

What about those funky set ups with the disc on the cranks, have ya seen those?