my 2nd and 3rd fixy bike

i forgot to post these two other track bikes of mine, which some may wonder,
that i posted the 4th bike without seeing my other two.

i have a sprint bike in benetton colors with dura ace crankset, itm handle stem,
3ttt pista handlebars, dura ace seatpost, tange custom track frameset done in 1988.

the seattube is just slightly over the downtube to shorten the wheelbase
aka cinelli lazer…

this is my pursuit bike with tange aero tubing without a downtube.
but with a guy wire attached to bottom bracket to the headtube to act as tensioner.
this was done in 1998 by local framebuilder lito romano.

this is currently disassembled, hence, the crankset and rear disc resides on my 4th ride.
i’ve gotten heavier thru the years and i have no more confidence in riding this machine.
the frame in under going a change with an added downtube to beefed it up with my
current weight.

hope you liked them.

Holy hell, these are awesome!

Castrol disc!?!?'nd

so many wish bones, i passed on a Dave Harris(?) frame similar to this romano job a while ago, 650 front, with a down tube tho, similarly low top tube, still kicking myself, nice

Wow, please don’t get a down tube put in, just shift some weight and don’t ride it til then!

The clearance between rear and wishbone looks gnarly, would be rad to see a close up!

And don’t add that downtube! Keep it as it is! The curve of that structural bar might just look out of place if so.

But then again, if you’re that desperate to ride it again, do what you must i suppose.

thanks for sharing man!

but this brings the question…

WHAT ABOUT YOUR FIRST FIXY BIKE?? stop holding out on us!

your bikes aren’t fixy’s, they are track bikes, good proper ones. nice collection man!

I love the way you’ve set up the brake levers on these, especially on the sprint. Really unique and considerate to the bikes aesthetic.

Awesome bikes mate. Keep them coming!

isn’t this it?

Man, these filo bikes are rad. I need one!!!

The brake set up is nuts on the top bike!!! Do you just turn the bar end shifter to apply the brake??? Real clever!!!

hi, the first bike was the 1985 custom funny bike that i posted if you look back…

track bikes indeed but with brakes for use on the road and not just the velodrome, thanks.

hi, and wow, you noticed that. great attention to detail. i was waiting for someone to take noticed and you did.
yes, it is the vintage shimano dura ace bar end shifters of the 70’s that i converted for brake use and many
are always questioning me ‘where’s the brake lever?’. it’s other half is used on my 1985 custom funny bike thread.

many thanks to all for viewing and for all your nice remarks.

well played

nice collection man!

the former frame without a downtube has now grown one and painted in a red/white/blue combo.
it has now a shimano aero brake that has been modified with a boot and center cover. i printed
out all the decals in waterslide paper with a ‘siklistang pinoy’ meaning filipino cyclist…

thanks for viewing.