my 4th fixy bike

this was originally my roadie time trial frame way back in the 90’s
and was just gathering dust at one corner in our storage room.

unfortunately, i don’t have a picture before prior to having it
converted to a track frame. the things performed was the
replacement of the rear dropouts and and removal of all the
braze ons and brake cable routes by nelson dioquino, local
framebuilder. nelson was also the one who painted it in red and blue.

since this is a reynolds 531 tubed frame, i decided to use
‘raleigh’ as my frame brand. i printed the raleigh logo
badge on inkjet waterslide decal paper for the headtube…

the raleigh on the downtube is cut out from white waterslide decal paper…

here’s a mock up of the build at the moment…using my old parts,
cinelli cowhorn with cinelli stem, my old white turbo saddle with
shimano 600 seatpost just keeping the costs down…

hope you like it and will post updated pics soon. thanks for looking.

This is how everyone should do their conversions.

Damn nice conversion mate!

sweet fixy man

good stuff!!!

nice wheels… wishbone stays?

wishbone stays it is, sir…will take a nice pic of it.

thanks for all your nice, very welcoming comments.


Pretty beast if i must say so.

haha this is no fixy bike, this is tough, and there is no reason not to smash about on duel discs, the waterslides look good, wishbone is rad, the rear dropouts look perfect, ridiculous bars are sweet as, solid

Sweeet conversion dude, looks very neat! The discs, of course, look gnarly!I’ve had my eye on a shogun kaze frame, you’ve just inspired me to go down the same route!
Digging the decal work! You just made me youtube the method you used.

Whats the fixed gear scene like over in the Phils?

wow, the work done for this is definitely worth it if it was an old roadie frame! Looks mean. Awesome work.

Looking pretty shmick. Did you get the framebuilder to respace the rear triangle at the same time
or just spaced the hub out?

back in the early 80’s the track bikes were a bike to reckon with against the road bikes
at the place we do our rides which is a rolling 2.2 km road.
there was a boom in road bikes and many jumped the bandwagon.
today, there is a resurgence in the interests among cyclists in building
their single speeds and there are some shops now that cater to these needs.
i see, guys on fixed bikes here, playing a new sport here which is bike polo.
i have friends that are now looking for their old steel frames to assemble
their own single speed bikes.

yes, i instructed the framebuilder to just replaced the rear dropouts with track ones
to keep the costs down. and yes, i just added spacers at the rear axle to center the rim/tire.

here are the updated pictures of this ride…

it already had a rear wishbone before…

this was originally the first generation shimano deore crank in the early 80’s.
what i did was remove the chainring and was left like a vintage stronglight
crankarm. i added a solid chainring 44t from a bmx with which i drilled holes
to match the crank and later covered it with US$2.00 carbon fiber look decal sheet…

i reused my old, white, stained bar tape but i can’t seem to find the bar end covers
that go with it. so with some brainstorming and looking for a replacement,
i can’t believe that the soda drink caps was an exact piece to cover the ends…

thanks for viewing.

hahah bottle caps! seat stay looks sweet

this is latest pic of this track bike, now equipped with a rear zipp disc wheel and a deep aero front rim.
my new US$20.00 crankset bought from ebay is now in placed…

thanks for viewing.

Wanna sell me the other discs?

I like everything about this.

very nice conversion

It looks really great, looking forward to your progress. I am scrambling to get a test rig together before tuesday of the new extruder. Will post about it when/if it works :slight_smile: