my 6 toothed cog...

I guess this comes under ‘maintainence’…
Chain came off twice in two days - figured that was a bit out of character, so had a closer look - then realised I only had 6 out of 17 teeth left!

Took it in to Cecils, and the guys told me it’s a result of a LOT of riding - but I recon it’s got a lot more to do with bad maintainence (I ride a lot - but not THAT much).

Anyway - thought I’d post it up as a curiosity… :smiley:
Sorry about the crappy pic!


…oh wait a minute :expressionless:

Too many skids, or have you been riding for 50,000 KM?

I’m guessing skids :smiley:

Reminds me of CraigC

What brand is the cog? Gotta make sure I never buy one.

What is your chain tension like? If it was slack, and you’ve been skipping a few teeth now and then, I’d imagine you would end up with a cog looking like that.

Yeah, I recon you’re right - chain is occasionally a bit slack, that and the fact I never clean the thing - has meant the teeth have worn to the point that they started to sheer off. I’m assuming the more you loose the quicker you loose the rest of them?
you can’t see it in the photo, but the remaining teeth have some pretty hefty sratches and notches in them.

I’m just glad I noticed it before I had a propper stack