My best 1000m ever!

So my fiance and I had a weekend down the Goldy, and headed for an early morning ride this morning and were just about finished up and I was slugging away about 20m behind her, when a gun looking roadie cruzed past and pulled up next to her and said he loves her bike… :?

I thourght how is this dude’s form, and rode up behind him to check out his ‘flashy’ Ridley, massive calves and Australian champ stripes.
When he turned around and let me in and said g’day, I think I shit myself and nearly come a busta when I relized it was Robbie McEwan! :-o :-o :-o :-o

Had a ride and a chat for the next K, before I stopped harrasing him, thinking he probably gets a million gumby’s like me hassleing him everyday while out training.

My biggest thrill on my bike ever even though it was for few hundred metres!

that would have been rad!

Did you make comments about his small stature, and mention the name Cavendish? I hear it’s a sore point.

Favourite Robbie quote ever, on being asked by a journalist why he doesn’t work on his hill climbing:

“Cos i can sprint.”


That’s awesome! I was about to say “I thought Silence-Lotto were riding Canyons this year?” but then I’d forgotten that Robbie is now riding for Katusha.

haha “come a busta” :stuck_out_tongue:

thats an awesome story though

And you didn’t ask him for a skid??

You should’ve got him to pop one of his famous monos.

should have told him to teach cadel how to celebrate a win.

Nice story Goose- I hope he’s recovered now for next season.

yeah I wanted to jib him about Cadel…
He looked pretty fit and fast ( apart from a 15yr old kid bum-fluff mo-vember mo )
and said he was just out for a leisurly roll.( probably an easy 150k?)

Yeah a wheelie would have been sweet!

Did he vote for Brendan?

what is this

Sorry, I thought B-man contacted everyone personally:,10117.0.html

the question remains…

what bike does your fiance have?

Nice story…reminds me of when I bumped into Phil Legit at the pub a few weeks ago (he was out for the Herald Sun/Jayco tour). I was straight over to him talking shop (probably happens everytime he’s out).