My bicycle suite

Seems to be the go here lately. These are what I now own and love. All bikes are named by my 6 year old…not me.


Zeus frame
Nitto Pearl stem
Nitto risers
Sugino Mighty 165mm cranks
44 x 14 or 44 x 18
Black Deep V’s, white hubs
Zaffiro Pro white tires
Kaloy seat post
KHO Blue saddle

*just getting used to riding this beast. It’s VERY light and flimsy.
Pretty lose geo and at 44 x 14 can be a prick to pull up in traffic


Very hard build as it’s a pre1960 East GErman and parts are very specific
Nitto track bars
Cinelli stem
Sugino Mighty cranks 165mm
KHO Bmx Saddle
24mm very old seat post
Black aeroheads with gatorskins

  • Really laboursome build but well worth it now.
    Very tight and quick. The most comfortable bike in my suite.
    While I’m riding this one feels the most least like I’m riding a bike


1977 10 speed Resto I did
Galli groupset
Campagnolo Victory Strada rims
Gatorskin slicks
Arius saddle (spanish)

  • Very proud of myself getting this one finished.
    I like riding it but brakes and gears are confusing when I ride fixed so often.

Huey not being ridden currently. Wrapped in plastic in the shed

unknown frame but possibly White Horn from S.A
Truvatic Touro track cranks
Silver Areoheads
Kalloy seat ppost
Soma black saddle
Nitto Pearl stem
Soma Major Talyors (not shown in pic)

  • first fixed track bike I owned.
    Very close to being perfect for me. I got hit by a van on it and decided I didn’t want to lose it so keeping it safe.
    Might attempt the hard journey of identification

Does Huey have slot holes under the bottom bracket?

no he doesn’t

I like Cecil, that green really comes to life in the sun.
Maybe just tidy up the rear brake cable?

awesome foursome you have there Azz =D

Nice rides dude!

Huey for me, all the other bikes have a rather upward angle on their seats.

all rides looking good!

Yep huey for me too. Shame the one bike you love the most gets used the least, but I understand the reason. Looks like some sweet lug work on it too.

my vote is for toto, diggin that shit dude
but ‘megafreeze’, what a title!

All saddles except Cecil are perfectly level. It’s just the shape of KHO that make them look ‘front up a bit too much’.

KHO saddles are pretty comfprtable actually.

You learn something new everyday :slight_smile:

Hey Azz, did I see somewhere that the Cecil has 11 or TT stamped on the bottom bracket shell? Or am I going mad?

Edit: Found it.


Does Huey have 3 holes stamped in the BB like this?

Nope he doesn’t.

He now looks like this.
Bad pics but great to ride.
I’ll give the new specs if anyone gives a shit.

Those wheels don’t really suit. I’ll take them off your hands. :wink: haha