My Bikecycle

The first of many Fixed gear bikes to come

good job, not even a front brake though? or toe straps?


They’re cleated pedals donchaknow?

aha so they are now thats humiliating!

Baha, new style ill put straps on the clipless pedals just for extra hipster/wanker points.

Brakeless was fun, but canberra drivers are fuckwits,
as of yesterday this bike has a front brake, will get some photos of the set up later

I have had my front foot come detached during epic skiddiezzz, I don’t think clipless was made to be your sole source of stopping power anyway

Nice bike, NoBrakesTM may not be for everyone.

What’s the frame?

The frame was butchered frm a based up old piece of shit i found on the side of the road, i think it was a raleigh from memory.
The frame was literally the only component on the bike that wasn’t wrecked.

I found an Apollo IV the other day, and am stripping back that frame for this bike, it even has built in chain tensioners in the drop outs.

Sweet ride, i’ve just moved to canberra myself, are there any fixie rides that you know of that go on down here? a mate and i are keen to get on board with on with any rides

join up to this facebook group

I will be organizing some fixed gear rides around canberra in the near future!

There have been some changes…

the biggest being a Zipp 950 track disk

Is that george/heatseekers old disc?

dope ride. love the evolution.

Now all you need is a front 650c disc. bar spins, bro. barspins.

And when you pop it up in a cross wind, it will act like a sail and your bike will handle like a boat. how awesome. Just don’t try it on the burley bridges.

Its not georges disc, his was an 1150 i think, this ones a 950

Am building up a new front wheel.

Rim is a velocity deep V that i have painted white and hand painted with the design on my lugs but in reverse. only took me about 6 hours of brain numbing turps induced stupor to paint, now on to the other side…

Hub is a nice campagnolo low flange that i picked up, it will be laced radially onto the rim

6 hours… What a trooper! one of a kind. so it’s worth it.

there must’ve been some serious crampage of the hands. respect.

Haha, crazy dude! Good effort!

saweeet! awesome detail dude. that’s dedication :slight_smile: