my chains on backwards??!?!?!

i was down at pony, on saturday, buying a new stem, and the first thing she said to me is

“you realise your chains on backwards right?”

well, to be honest, dear readers, i had no idea.

i got the chain put on at BSC quite some time ago, when i had no idea what i was doing, seems they didnt either…

anyway, i dont have a chain breaker, and its not exactly bothering me, but can i continue to ride it like this? to be really honest, i cant really feel a difference?

Hahahaa… famous last words !

im confused. half-link chain?

Is the chain on the right way now?

sorry, yeah, half link chain.

Well it will wear out in short order anyway, get a proper chain and put it on properly when you get it replaced.

thanks mate.
thats exactly what ill do.