my comeback bike

only recently joined this forum, as I’m getting back into riding, and on the weekend, i got my comeback bike…better than anything i’ve had previously, but i got this second hand, and for what it is, i got a really good deal.

Frame & Fork is Dodici Special
Drive Chain is SRAM Omnium
Wheels are Token C30 with blade spokes
Saddle is a San Marco Rolls Buffalo (this is one of the most comfortable saddles i’ve ridden)
Ded handle bars, seat post

Nice one. User Bob has one like this, but bright purple.

Looking good! You’ll have some fun on that. Where abouts in Sydney do you live?

mate…im in Rose Bay now…but moving to Leichhart in about a month.

slowly evolving and personalising this one…but ill keep update pics in this thread…

updates to date:
New pedals and straps
New black omnium 165mm cranks
new saddle

Next on the list to update:
Handlebars: thinking i might try some wide risers (MTB style), like that orange Hillbrick
Wheels: To be fair, the wheels are actually good, but I want to spray them all black, i dont like the logo and the machined brake wall on the back wheel. So this will be a cheap fix

anyway…here’s what it looks like now:

Don’t spray paint the wheels it’ll look shit

+1, front brake will rub paint right off, unless you dont use your brakes?

maybe just peel logo off if sticker?

That sucks…I thought they would look ok.

I fully expect the front wheel brake to rub off the paint in the same pattern…the back wheel should stay put though with no brake.

The logo’s on this aren’t stickers, they seem like they’ve been painted on.

Maybe i should just save up for new wheels at later stage. If the paint will look like shit, then it will kill resale value of these wheels; In which case its not worth painting.

Acetone and elbow grease should remove the logos on the rims.

I’ll give you $10 for those wheels.

get the rims bead blasted, probably wouldn’t even need to strip them down

ill try some acetone…thanks.

that takes care of the logos, but just leaves the machined brake wall on the back wheel.

A bike with matching rims looks infinitely better than one without.
Don’t even worry about it.

It’s better that both wheels look the same.

Edit: what Moccos said.

Look how shit my bike looks:

Yeah, yeah, I know there’s plenty of other things contributing to this…


I was about to buy the wheels from this bike:

the big thing holding me back is the spinergy catching cross winds…which is a problem i use to have on aerospokes.

You just have to embrace the aesthetic. We stopped colour coding our rims in 2009! Polished braking surface looks good man. Just ride it until the wheels break and then buy more if you want.

Yes we have moved on due to functionality, safety but this in essence proves we are aging and may be the modern proof that Darwins theory of evolution is true, but tell me not that a little piece of you deep down wishes it was still 2009 and we were all racing alley cats on b-43’s with first gen Knog lights.
Mocco’s gets it #SOTB

i think you nailed it…i dont want to accept the “4” in my age…i still want to be early 30’s/late 20’s and relevant to the young hip kids!

Yeah… they look horrible

Rest up by Luke Markof, on Flickr

thats rather nice.

dude…not that i wanted to stalk you on flickr…but i just kinda did…nice Monaco…my favourite watch of all time? is yours a reissue or an old Heuer one??