my cycling heritage

My dad emailed me this scan he made of a glass plate slide taken way back when.

It is thought that the bloke on the left it is my great-grandfather’s younger brother Alf. He was a gun cyclist in the area and the family still has a gold watch chain that he won in a local race. He was killed in a horse drawn vehicle accident before WW1

Check out the monster chainring and crazy fork rake

Massive gear, huge fork rake and loose looking chain…

Super cool photo though…

Awesom photo. Send it into FFG for the vintage series. YEAH

Those bars are pretty hot to i want a pair :mrgreen:

sweet hats.

Cool bikes. History rocks!

Those knickabockers are what the cool kids are wearing today!

ok, maybe without the socks tucked in, but pretty close…

The cog is pretty big too, the gear isn’t stupidly high (for a racing bike)
Don’t forget they raced on dirt roads, more stable geometry was an advantage and that fork rake is matched to a very relaxed head angle.
Inch pitch chain is very stiff laterally (so won’t throw it) and tight chains slow you down.

I’d love a beasty like that.

Did the speed genes continue down the line?

i wish. i’m more of a clydesdale than a race horse. endurance is my thing.

Beautiful bike - Do the family proud, and build a replica off of that photo.

Seriously, that would be a project to end all projects.