my daily steed

This is my daily ride. Ridden 5 days a week about 30km a day to work and back. Started life with me at the start of the year as a standard mongoose maurice. After a week the changes started.

So far:
Matt black paint with white top tube band
Soma moustache bar and rf stem
speedplay zero pedals
rav x ti seat
rav x bidon cage
tektro brake lever
nokon shiny silver front brake cable
velo city skull and crossbone deep v’s with everything black
white kmc chain
chain tensioner
soma white track grips
assorted mash stickers

i have changed and done everything myself including paint.
Next lot of upgrades include:
SRAM Omnium cranks
Gran Compe white tyres or mayb some schwalbe ultremos in white
thomson stem and post, shiny silver headset probably fsa
san marco aspide white seat and kool chain lite in silver
leaving only the frame and fork which will soon be replaced by a traitor ringleleader with some custom paint.
I know not everyone will like it but let me know what you think.

Yes i work at a bike shop. its

yes I like it… very nice upgrades… did you paint the cranks black? how are those bars to ride with?

cranks are just the standard gloss black at the moment. high polished chrome sram omniums will look hot.
bars only took one ride to get used to and are pretty good because they have so many different positions on them.


(Don’t mean anythin’ by the hipster link - I actually love the 'stache and wish had one myself :{P )

front gran compe in white now on and discharge stickers coming on shortly too.

make over number 2.

from this:

to this:

hey why did you guys move from menai? now there are no bike stores near my house :frowning:

orange / white combo looks tits. Nice work :wink:

we moved from menai coz our lease was up and wanted to move some where with a bit more street bike market. Glad you ladies and gents like the orange / white. Got some velocity B43’s on the way in different colours. Next build is the newyorker taxi style build scheme. just have to find a bike to rebuild.

How do you stop?

normally running double straps or speedplay pedals. was just having a roll around and just chucked those on.

What happend to the moustach bars?

the moustache are just taking a break but may come back on a vintage looking thing i am trying to dream up at the moment. Just got a frame with some sweet lugs today just got to figure colours to match some honey brown brooks saddle and grips.

got soma ark bars too that i mite use soon.