My Disco appreciation thread.

I pulled out Collapse of an Erratic Lung and Language of Numbers the other day.

Goddamn they’re amazing releases. Cancer is a great record too.

They’re new song “Antler” from the Young Widow’s split 7" series is awesome too. It’s a little different from Paradise. I’m digging it.

whats on the language of numbers release? i have some files from a ‘cassette demo’ starting with ‘the kids are cruel’

that’s the list from the overseas compile of language of numbers/collapse.

i have the cd at home but don’t know if that’s the actual running order.

paradise is definitely my fave, such brutal minimalism. they keep getting better.
‘an even sun’, that 9 minute track off paradise, the first time i heard that live, before the album came out, fuck, i was so blown away. haven’t seen em for a little while.

Language of Numbers was they’re second release (I think?). It orginally came out as a 10". Collapse of an Erratic Lung was their first 7", and they did a split 7" with Off Minor. All of this was compiled on a cd for US release when they toured with Off Minor. The cassette demo was obviously they’re first release, but the 7" was the first “proper” release. If anyone has a copy of the tracks from the demo cassette, I’d love to get them. PM me.

And yeah, the tracklisting above is the compiled cd.

Here’s their new track Antler.

see: heartfelt self.

cool. haven’t heard the language of numbers stuff.
i’ll up the demo cassette to a file sharer and pm you the link. i’ve also got a live set recorded at the espy, from 2007 or earlier, seems to be similar to the language of numbers stuff, plus inhaler and troubled receiver, that i can up as well if anyone wants…

If you could both up that’d be rad. I lost my copy of the live stuff when my hard drive crashed (read as: me dropping the my lap top on the ground).

i remember first seeing them up here in brisbane years ago at the white room. small gallery space, hectic strobe light, mydisco in the corner, 20 kids loosing their shit. epic.

i swear my disco used to have an apostrophe somewhere in their name?

Yeah, they used to be My Disco! Just like Love Like… Electrocution!

non-sXe version for the win… (though i once got them to play ‘blackened path’ for me at a smaller show.)

what amused me was seeing ben in canada playing with clann zu and him mentioning his ‘new’ band MyDisco. talk about a contrast of styles… :-o

are dudes from LL…Electrocution doing anything similar these days?
only ever saw them once, but they were impressive

i thought this was going to be about ‘disco’ and i was fairly excited to hear some reel to real or similar but oh well maybe next time

Awesome! I love My Disco. I’ve only seen them play twice; once at the Town Hall Hotel and the other at The Public Office, both years ago. I proudly have their (almost) entire catalogue on vinyl, I am only missing the Off Minor split. They have always pressed their stuff on super thick vinyl, so they sound soooooo full. I’m really pumped to see them play again.

I heard they were doing some tees, does anyone know where to get them?

Hey Liam, would love to get hold of those demo tracks!

I saw Love Like Electrocution when they did a free gig outside the old Missing Link. Good times indeed.

The guitarist (then went on to play bass) Dave now plays guitar in Robotosaurus (who are probably the closest thing to LLE). The original drummer Rowan isn’t playing music. He’s too busy being a dad and drawing crazy comics, he did play drums in My Sister The Cop for a bit before becoming a dad though. The original bass player Tim was in Snap Crakk, then Damn Arms, now lives in Japan. I think. Other guitarist Garth… not sure what he’s doing musically. Solo stuff I think. Brett (red head vocals) is all about DJing (French house) now… he did play keys and sing in My Sister The Cop as well as some other bands and Tom (tall vocalist) is a lawyer and was making noise-esque music under the name Brutal Snake.

The two later members Damien and Brent (drums and guitar) are in the band Heirs now.

I was in My Sister The Cop with Rowan and Brett and was friends with all of them, hence knowing all of this. I got one.

Sweet, thanks Jolan.

A few gigs coming up too:

No worries. It does feel strange ordering a t-shirt for an Australian band from a US site.

I too own all their stuff on vinyl… and CD.

They’re such an amazing band, and super nice guys too.

i think i sent the link to you PIN20, i may have just sent it to jolan again accidentally, kind of zoned out and cannot remember what i actually did.
i think the melbourne show is part of the arts festival, and is sponsored by a beer or something and free. one of the things i always liked about my disco was how they kept their ticket prices low. live experience is time destroying

Supposedly they’re playing with Lightning Bolt in November.

Also, it’s so crazy to listen to the demo and compare it to Paradise.

The demo is so dancey. So good!

Winner. :slight_smile:

I think the Arts Festival gig will set you back $15 + transaction fee: