My Dream Frame.

Sweet lord.

It’s in my size, and it’s in Melbourne too! Bit rough around the edges, but still beautiful.

I’d bid my arse off for it, but I’m major broke. So I’m going to have to think a bit before I make a bid. Is anyone considering getting this? If you are, let’s make eBay love, not eBay war.

Yeah, I saw that only an hour or so ago.

Not quite my size, but I can deal with that, no cash though.

However, we could pool our resources and both bid together, ending up with dual custody.

You can have it monday to friday, I’ll take it for weekends, all major holidays and anytime there is an event haha

You know, that could actually work. I see you live just near Flemington Bridge. I’m at the front of my house right now, and if I look through the window, lo and behold, Flemington Bridge.

Interesting haha

I also can see flemington bridge but alas am also broke. We could go three ways but 3 by nothing is still nothing hahaha

Good point. Maybe we should find someone from our area with money to go foursies… wait, that won’t work, there is no-one in our area with money.

Also, hellocoulson, please don’t look outside your window too much, our house doesn’t have curtains…

Ahh, no curtains? You know, if I was a stalker, which I am, I would use that information to my advantage…

Shouldn’t have posted that…I’m looking for a frame right now :slight_smile:

wow, that frame is beautiful!

your mash is fine!

^ n+1


Oh dear Daniel, if I had the money to buy this frame, your Cinelli logo avatar would make me worry

I wouldn’t worry. It will go for more than I want to spend anyway.