My eBay roadie sale - Raleigh 753, Cinelli, Trek

omr327 | eBay

Raleigh 753 - sweet Shimano 600 8sp
Cinelli Experience - Sell frameset or complete
Trek Madone - Sell complete with either wheels or good deal on either wheels separately.

hit me up

0414 840 454

Damn Goose , that Raleigh came up amazing!

Yeah, I had the STI on there, but the RH lever was a little bit dicky. ( 95% good, didnt have enough spring back/tension on 1 click going down)
So I had to go back to D/Tube shifters, probably suits the era better.
I just need 1 R/H 600 6401 8sp downtube lever to have everything 600.
Your group worked well.
ElBrado thanks for the hubs too.

did you paint it yourself goose? got a before and after for us?

No it was painted about 10yr ago, been hanging around as Frameset for the past 6 odd years.
It has wear & tear, usual minor scratches etc, but pretty good nic otherwise

The Raleigh looks freakin’ great - glad to help out.

dang, did you offer the frameset for sale at all? I would’ve been all over that…good luck with the sale though!! it is a nice ride i’m sure.

By the way, what was the previous color? was it the white red yellow scheme or raleigh panasonic blue red yellow?

I think this frame is actually one of these, a Raleigh Race.
1987 Raleigh 531c ‘Race’ | Retrobike

A very nice frame, but made of 531, not 753.

Worksop didn’t ever make 753 frames. They were made at the Raleigh SBDU unit at Ilkeston.

Just confirmed with the previous original 2 owners, including the one who got it painted that it was a 753.
I even work with the guy from the bike shop who sold it to the original owner in 1992, & got his MS Oppy painted identical
colour at the same time.
I have no reason to not beleive them otherwise.

You think what you want.
You may have some knowledge & technical info, but doesnt nessesarily mean its always 100% correct.
Its not the end of the world.

I think you stay out of peoples threads unless your going to buy it.

Raleigh 753 - all by SBDU? | Retrobike

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Charles Wahl02-02-10, 07:39 PM
There were no frames made in Worksop after 1980, when the (former Carlton) factory closed. I made the same mistake myself once. Raleigh’s decent road frames (made in England) continued to have the initial W on the serial number for several years, though they were made elsewhere – Ikleston? In the early years of Raleigh USA, frames were imported from England; later (I think) Asia. The English frames were Reynolds tubeset, 531 or 753, while the Asian ones tend to be the 555 tubing. I don’t think that the English bikes are any better built than the Asian ones, or weigh less. There are some very nice Raleigh USAs in BF members’ collections – they made some spiffy bikes during that era.

Slow arvo at the office goose?

Only when some people are Keyboard experts & think it’s all right to dump on every website i’ve listed it on.

Cossington Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:43 pm Post subject:

Looking at various web-sites (including Classic lightweights, thanks roadking) and the catalogue (specifically for 1982- see link, below), it looks that the 753 frames were (custom) built at Ilkeston, rather than being made at Worksop, or later, Nottingham. Still an interesting question about the team frames being made by Jan Legrand - some at least at Ilkeston, but were they all? I’ll keep my eyes open on that.

Thanks for the replies.