My Fathers Wisdom

As a lot of you will be aware, I was hit by a car about a month ago, and have been going through the process of dealing with the drivers insurance company in order to cover my damges.

To cut a long-ish story short, they came back to me with an offer which was well short of what i was asking for, so i drafted a response email and sent it to the old man to ask his opinion.
heres what he sent back just now

I will burn your fucking office down you bunch of wankers

new sig.

Hehe … my dad’s the same. When it comes to getting shit done and cutting through beaurocracy/red tape my old man has some untold skillz. It used to embarrass me but I now see the light and realize his methods are a) justified and b) very effective.

Mine too. Must be a generational thing. I’m not too shabby at it but I’m a small, flightless bird compared to the old man.

hahahaha fuckin brilliant.

i cannot wait to be a grumpy/feisty old man

well here’s an update on my situation if anyones gives a shit.
Spoke to the insurance company today after writing back to them (not using the explicit version) and expressing my displeasure with their settlement offer.
My claim has now been approved and i should be getting paid my full amount within 48hrs.

It’s amazing what happens when you subtly suggest legal action, ie: this is the much cheaper option even if you win…

i’m a happy boy

you would be surprised how many people just accept the low ball 1st offer