My felt.

I’ve had this for about a month now:

At the moment it has the drops back on, but I usually run the risers. I changed it to a 17t on the back so I am running 76gi now which I really like and is much easier to skid than what I used to run.
The omnium cranks are ok but I think something is wrong because they creak and crackle a bit too much for a new set of cranks. The wheels are felt’s stock 42mm, nothing too special. Since this pic I have put some 25c gatorskins on and the 17t, which makes the rear wheel sit right up in the cutout. The seat has been moved into a better looking (and thankfully also more comfortable) position. I’m also trialling some clipless (crank bros candy’s :frowning: ) until I get my hands on something decent. I’ll post some more pics when my wife returns with our camera.

super sick bike dawg look even better in real life…

those cranks are known for been creaky and freaky
you can get the sugino 75’s in black which are dam sexy and creak-less

would make one of these necessary but…

those black 75s are very sexy

Did you read that on the internet?


I did. Just up there ^^

but seriously Rhys, I reckon you’ve just rooted another bottom bracket… with those calves of yours, something’s gotta give.

also, your bike is a lust object.

Lube up the Bottom Bracket.

Nice ride Mr.

Gonna hit up Tempe Velodrome with that thing? Just need to swap out that cog for a 90gi and keep the drops. If so let me know, i’ve got my ride-it license and membership money sitting on my desk screaming “WEAK!”

Don’t be hastey on switching out the bottom bracket or the cranks. I had a creak and crackle going on for a solid week, people were convinced it was blown. Swapped out the BB, still creaked and crackled for a couple of days- I was going mental. Then on one long ride it dissapeared…never had it again and don’t have it switching back to my original BB.

could the the creak and crackle be a loose chainring bolt?

why the sad face re: crank bros pedals? i’ve never used them but i read on the internet that they’re not too bad…

I like those felts.

Creaking of the BB usually suggests its not in tight enough. Don’t give up on them yet - Omnium cranks are damn good in my experience. I’d be happy to check that the cups and crank bolts are properly torqued.

etomato - I’ve still got those oval clamps if you want to swap.

Fricken nice!

Looks like you almost have crank over lap not toe. I wanted to get one of these but they had sold out of the large sizes 2 months ago :cry:

I’ll check the chainring bolts before I ride it next time, hadn’t thought of that. The crank bros pedals are ok for mountain bikes, but I don’t like their engagement. Its almost like you’ve stepped on a banana, there is no click in or out and they have a lot of float so you are sliding around. I like float because of my knees, but if you’re kicking sideways to do a skid you want to know you’re locked in. If that makes any sense?
Olsen, I went to Tempe last night and will probably go next monday. I have the money for a license and I’m going to get one. I ran my 86gi and it was a little spinny, good for starts but I couldn’t hang with the faster guys. I need to get my 13t back.

i was going to ask about that overlap too - is that a bit tricky on the street or have you adjusted to it?

This bike looks fast standin still!!!

nice bike, toe overlap on the street must be a bitch.

The overlap is pretty horrendous. Actually, its fucking horrid. In the past when I got a red light I would zig zag in between cars and go on the footpath etc. Now I can’t do any of that. Its even difficult to trackstand at the lights. I’ve toppled over several times, much to the amusement of motorists and pedestrians. It has taken some time, but I think I am used to it now. All is forgiven once I get up to speed though because despite being alloy it is really comfortable to ride, and it feels so nice and tight and fast.

Rhys i have said it before and il say it again your bike is the first carbon bike i havent hated.Im quite fond of this little gentleman.Just so you all know Rhys ride this like a man ha!

Welcome to the world of real track bikes…
You get used to it…
I’m running road shoes and speedplay pedals the over hang has gone from inch’s to cm’s but it’s still there…

Track bikes still make great town bikes…

Dude saw this in the flesh today and it is one sweet ride. wished i could have gone for a ride but oh well!!!